Best Quality Image Annotation

Finding the best image annotation service provider is not easy for the experienced AI or machine learning based companies. But for the new companies or AI startups looking for training data created through image annotation, it become difficult to choose the best one provide the quality service.

Actually, there are certain parameters considered to evaluate the quality of service in the image annotation field. As any kind of discrepancy can make the model learn with the inaccurate data resulting wrong or incorrect predictions by the model when used in real-life.

How to Consider the Quality in the Image Annotation?

To ensure the quality of image annotation, there are certain points you need to consider. As you know in image annotation the objects are annotated to make it recognizable to machines. And there are is inaccuracy in the annotation, the algorithm with learn the wrong patterns giving the incorrect results.


Parameters to Check Image Annotation Quality:

  • Pixel Perfection Annotation
  • Use of Right Tool & Software
  • Authenticity of Annotated Data
  • Edge-to-edge Annotation Work
  • Skilled & Experienced Annotators
  • Right Image Annotation Technique
  • Scalable Image Annotation Solution
  • Annotated Data Security and Privacy
  • Multi layered Quality Checking Process

A quality image annotation service provider must have all these potentials to annotate the images for machine learning and AI in a highly secured environment. If data is annotated with right tools and techniques and checked multiple times before delivering to the clients, means it can be considered as quality training data that help machine learning algorithms learn precisely and give accurate results.

Cogito is one of the leading image annotation company, offers a great platform to annotate the wide-ranging images with best level of accuracy. It can create the huge quantity of training data sets for machine learning and AI for different types of visual perception based models. It is working with team of world-class annotators having experience in how to annotate images for deep learning and machine learning.             


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