Inbound Marketing the method to find your customers

Are you looking for a way to increase the number of your customers?

Then let me tell you about Inbound Marketing .

While all you have to do is be found during their research.

Provide the necessary information and make your products available to them to become customers.

Beautiful, is not it?

Today you no longer have to imagine it but you can make it come true thanks to the Inbound method.

All you need now is to really understand what it is.

How it works and how to use it to bring all these benefits to your business .

This is exactly what you will find in this introductory guide to Inbound Marketing in which.

I tell you what are the effective strategies and the tools you need to implement it.

Instead, if you already know the subject and are looking for solutions that:

  • are perfectly suited to your situation
  • and the needs of your company.

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What does Inbound Marketing mean

Let’s start by defining what Inbound Marketing is, whose name is associated with the HubSpot company that deals with providing marketing software and which has worked intensively on this method.

The term properly means “inbound marketing” and refers to techniques for attracting customers to your brand, product or service. So, it means putting in place useful strategies to bring your potential customers to you, rather than pushing your brand and your products towards them.

To clarify its meaning and how it works even better, you need to know that Inbound Marketing focuses on creating quality content that aims to interest people and lead them to want to find out more.

This is possible when it is possible to align the published contents with the interests of the public who, consequently, naturally feel an interest in deepening them.

Inbound focuses on creating value for the potential customer, this leads to engagement and interest.

In the image below I have shown schematically the characteristics and differences between the two marketing methods, to better visualize the image open it in another tab!

Attention, this does not mean that outbound marketing is completely to be avoided. It can be useful in some moments of the sales funnel, for example to expand your user base .

But today we are here to focus on Inbound Marketing and so let’s proceed to get to know it better and better.

What is its main feature

What can be recognized as the main feature of the Inbound method is its propensity to create relationships with users.

This happens through the production of content designed and built with precision to stimulate the interest of the people to whom they are intended. Hence, it means that it is a personalized strategy that aims to offer the target audience information that is truly in line with their tastes, needs and that offers answers to their questions.

Ok, but how is all this possible?

Calm down, one step at a time, you will find all the information in the next paragraphs. Meanwhile, you should know that Inbound Marketing relies above all on digital tools : blogs, social media, landing pages, newsletters, monitoring activities, etc.

It is thanks to these channels that you can convey your communication messages to get in touch with your potential customers, bring them to your offers, convert them and maintain active relationships with existing customers.

Precisely because content is so important, the heart of Inbound Marketing is definitely Content Marketing . In fact, much of the work depends on the quality, accuracy and value of the content produced and disseminated.

That is why it is so important to create the right communications for the right target.

Because even if you create better content than your competitors but then they arrive at the wrong target, they will be useless. As well as poor quality content that reaches the right target.

Therefore at the base of every strategy there must always be a process of analysis and planning of every single activity . Each of these things depends on the goals you intend to achieve.


What is the goal of those who use these techniques

The Marketing is a strategy that is used by:

companies ,

both B2B and B2C,

and by professionals who want to increase customers and revenues.

It is not just a way to promote the business, but it is a real methodology that covers the entire acquisition and purchase process.

In fact, it is a method that leads to the creation of a Lead Generation system in order to attract potential customers who are already potentially interested in what you offer. This allows you not to waste time running after users who you think you can convert but who, in reality, are not really interested, are not looking for what you offer or do not have enough budget for your services.

A personalized Inbound Marketing strategy allows you to make your business meet the needs of the public in order to broaden your pool of potential customers, as well as consolidate and retain existing ones.

For each user, with respect to the relationship they have with your brand. There is adequate content that will proceed in the sales funnel .

In fact, a consumer who has just met your brand needs to know you. Therefore to have different information than another who is already close to the time of purchase.

This differentiation and personalization helps you build a relationship:

  • with consumers who will feel truly valued
  • and not just wallets with legs.

Remember that trust and mutual benefit are the foundation of all business relationships and sales negotiations. The trust your customers have in you is one of the keys to increasing your turnover .

In this way you will increase the positive perception that users have towards your products or services.

you will improve your positioning in the market and you will achieve a growth in your turnover .

Now is the time to actually see how Inbound Marketing works step by step.

The Inbound method

The Inbound Marketing methodology covers every step that leads a consumer to your brand and then transforms them into prospect, buyer and loyal customer. It is largely based on customer satisfaction and making sure that your needs are met in your products or services.

The reason is simple, if your customers are happy because of you.

Then they will want to continue doing business with you, consequently you will be successful.

The main phases of which the Inbound Marketing method is composed are:

  • Attraction : intercepting target customers, the Buyer Personas, through valuable content that identifies the brand as a reliable source;
  • Conversion : offering useful information and solutions to the needs of Buyer Personas, transforming the consumer’s initial interest into something more;
  • Closing : convincing the prospect that your products or services are the right choice, then selling;
  • Delight : offering continuous after-sales support, staying in touch with the customer, making him personalized

Remember that it is easier to sell something to someone who has already bought from you. Plus, if you get repeat sales, you can pay off your initial acquisition investment big time.

But that’s not all.

This system allows you to continue growing by managing to moderate your investments in customer acquisition.

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