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Microsoft’s first desktop PC, LTR with technical reviews

First desktop PC unveiled by Microsoft

Microsoft being the number one company in the world owned by the riches person-Mr Bill Gates, recently on Wednesday introduced its surface studio. Company also announced that they will be provided some updates in its windows 10 OS.

And with this update of Windows 10, which is designed special for 3D objects creating and manipulating.

Microsoft now has stepped in personal computer industry because on Wednesday a new device called Surface Studio was unveiled by the company. And this shows the company presence is still not affected in the hardware industry as well. In New York, at an event Microsoft owned by Mr Gates announced an update in their latest operating system-windows 10. And this update will surely be guiding you in 3D animation.

Microsoft unveiled first personal desktop and its #thebest
Microsoft’s Corporate vice president Panos Panay said, “Surface studio will bring out a creator in all of us.” People can us this for other designing and 3D animation also.

This latest PC by Microsoft will change 3D designing industry but it is not for every one as it has high price tag around $3000 which is basically one month’s salary of a common man in USA.

Mr. Panay, Corporate Vice president in Microsoft told about the targeted customers for this product, specially Architects, designers and people from animation industry can get most out of it. Surface studio is unique in its own touch sensitive screen style and you can write or draw anything naturally without the discomfort of using additional gadgets.

Mr. Satya Nadella, chief executive of the company said, “This product is for creators, who we are rather then for other regular consumers.” Surface studio is specially for the builders, professionals, makers and creators, he further added.

Surface Studio would be available at a price tag $3000 (approx). And it is specially for Makers.
Surface Studio would be available at a price tag $3000 (approx). And it is specially for Makers.

LTR team also found some updates about new technology in artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Windows 10 and its new update would be good for all new headsets supporting VR.




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