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Ankle boots, short boots, or boots for men guarantee a casual-chic outfit. Short boots are put away for the men who are not afraid to show their good style! Continue fashionably in autumn with ankle boots. Newchic Shoes tech Reviews – The coarse soles of the short boots give the boots for men an extra tough look.

Ankle boots

The collection of short boots for men includes the brands Panama Jack, Sendra, Timberland, and UGG. In our collection of best place to buy shoes you will find modern men’s shoes with a good price/quality ratio.

The collection of men’s shoes is inspired by the latest trends in the shoe field, in which fashion, comfort, and quality predominate.

Mid-top lace-up shoes

Mid-top lace-up shoes, or lace-up boots, are the perfect shoes for creating a casual, casual look. The comfortable casual shoes should not be missing in your shoe cabinet. You can combine the mid-high lace-up shoes with a casual outfit.


Lace-up shoes are very suitable when you want to measure yourself for a business look, but can also be perfectly combined in a casual look. That makes lace-up shoes the perfect shoes for every man and every occasion. At Manfield in the collection, craftsmanship and quality are central and you can see that in our lace-up shoes!


Are you looking for a nice pair of lace-up shoes? Then you are always at the right place at Manfield. Lace-up shoes are divided into two categories: Derby lace-up shoes and Oxford lace-up shoes. You will find the difference in the structure of the lacing. Derby lace-up shoes have an open lacing where oxford lace-up shoes have a closed lacing. Perfect for that business dinner or just to the office. In addition to these business shoes, Manfield also offers casual lace-up shoes with a more robust sole and brogues. Brogues shoes are characterized by the perforated details on the shoe. Which lace-up shoes are your favorite?


A good pair of lace-up shoes will give your outfit the perfect dose of class. Lace-up shoes have been a popular item among men for years and that is not surprising, because a different model or color suits every occasion. From prints and motifs to patent leather and classic black ones. Wear a good pair of lace-up shoes under neat trousers for a chic look. Can it be a bit more airy or a bit more casual? Combine your new lace-up shoes under cool jeans with a neat blouse for that perfect casual look!


Are you looking for stylish men’s shoes? Then buckle shoes offer the perfect solution. Every fashion-conscious man should have at least one pair of these in his shoe collection. These shoes are trendy and chic and can be combined with different styles. Go for buckle shoes combined with a casual outfit, business look, or party wear. Whatever model you are looking for, in the wide collection you will always find a pair that suits you. From classic black pieces to rich brown tones and from smooth leather to beautiful suede, the choice is enormous!


There are various buckle shoes, some with a single buckle closure, others with a double closure. This closure is better known as a monk strap. The monk strap gets its name from the practical nature of the men’s shoe. The first monks originally wore sandals, but the fragile shoes offered little to no protection. The shoes quickly grew into a closed, sturdy shoe with a buckle closure. Fortunately, we still see the buckle shoe today and it is impossible to imagine the streets without it.


best place to buy shoes are very suitable if you opt for a chic look. For example, they are often worn on special occasions such as a wedding. The shoes can be combined very well under a suit, but can also be worn effortlessly under cool jeans. Whatever you choose, you can combine them in no time with your favorite outfit!


Whether you are a man for cool biker boots, prefer an elegant ankle boot, or opt for a stylish Chelsea boot: the men’s boots from Manfield always provide a stylish look.


Are you looking for a suitable boot? Desert boots give your outfit a preppy look and look great under slim-fit jeans or trousers. Do you prefer to emphasize your rough side? Then choose a pair of sturdy buckle or lace-up boots. These men’s boots are equipped with robust laces, buckles, and/or zippers. The sporty men also find a suitable boot at Manfield. Our collection of worker boots have a contemporary look, are made of high-quality materials and feature outdoor details such as speed lace closures and wide soles. Whatever model you are looking for at Manfield, you will always find a boot that suits you.


A bit tough, but especially stylish. A Chelsea boot is a real must-have that belongs in every man’s closet! The boots reach to the ankle and are easy to put on thanks to the elastic instep. The boots can be worn under almost any outfit and immediately give your outfit an elegant look. What is your favorite?


Big fan of sporty men’s shoes? Then sneakers are exactly what you are looking for! Sneakers are the perfect combination of style and comfort, which is why the shoes are an all-time favorite of every man. Certainly this season, a pair of sneakers should not be missing in your wardrobe. In the new collection, you will find a wide range of high and low models, always according to the latest trends. For example, at Manfield you will find minimalist models in the collection with a thick white sole, sneakers with a striking color, or a print or basic sneakers.


Men’s sneakers are derived from sports shoes and that is why that wonderful walking comfort is still present. In addition to a wonderful footbed, the sole is provided with fine cushioning, ideal when you have to walk a lot, for example during a city trip or a day of shopping. Are you looking for the ultimate men’s sneakers that you can walk on for hours? Newchic Shoes tech Reviews– Then take a look at the No Stress collection. The footbed of the No Stress sneakers is equipped with memory foam, this ensures a very high wearing comfort.


Whether you call them sneakers, kicks, or trainers, sneakers are for everyone. Although sneakers look a bit like sports Newchic Shoes tech Reviews, they have been given a new look over the years. The light materials and clean lines give that ultimate laid back feeling to every sneaker. So super cool and trendy. Combine your favorite sneaker under slim fit jeans with a neat blouse or opt for a slightly more casual look with a chino and shirt. You can go anywhere with a pair of sneakers!

LOAFERS | Newchic Shoes tech Reviews

Loafers are best described as comfortable and ready to go. The collection consists of beautiful loafers and summer slippers. Whether you have a barbecue with friends, take a walk on the boulevard or enjoy a terrace, the collection contains the right shoe for every moment to complete your outfit.


There is nothing better than a comfortable slip-on. In one action you put on the newchic shoes online and you are ready to go. Not only very handy, but also very stylish. Combine your favorite slip-on with slim-fit jeans and a t-shirt or with a cheerful shirt for that perfect look. Whatever you choose with a good pair of loafers at your feet, you can make any outfit a great success!


.. never take it off again! Loafers are the fashion item this season. We often find the iconic loafers in various colors and models. Great for a walk on the beach or a night out. From a sporty loafer with a white sole to a classic one. What is your favorite?


When you say summer, you say slippers. Nothing is better than wearing a pair of loafers to the beach, a day out, or a barbecue with friends. The collection varies from hip (toe) slippers to sporty models.


Give your feet the best during a hot summer day and choose airy slippers. The new collection consists of rich materials in which craftsmanship and quality are central. Combine your new summer new chic shoes reviews easily with a Bermuda and neat blouse or shirt. Available in various colors so that the perfect piece for you is always there.


Your holiday feeling starts with shopping for a pair of lovely slippers. Slippers can be effortlessly combined with any summer outfit. For example, wear them under cool jeans, shorts or even sports pants. Slippers are not only wonderful during a hot day, but also great for in and around the house.


Have you worked a long day or quickly suffer from cold feet? Swap your new chic men’s shoes reviews for delicious slippers for men. These easy slip-on slippers are essential during the winter months. Because no matter how you get used to it, when the temperatures drop, there is a good chance that you will suffer from cold feet and of course we do not want that.

SLIPPERS: WARM AND COMFORTABLE | Newchic Shoes tech Reviews | Tech Blog

When we think of slippers, we naturally think of warm materials and a sturdy sole. The slippers at Manfield are therefore made of suede and have a wool lining. This makes the slippers not only very warm, but also feel very comfortable. The sole of the slippers is made of rubber, which insulates the cold.

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