Nighthawk X10 Router Not Connecting to Internet?

Netgear Nighthawk X10 WiFi router is one of the topmost routers to consider in today’s era. Whether you are performing Nighthawk router setup for home or office use, the X10 router is the leading choice among many other router brands. However, sometimes, 4 out of 5 users come across “Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the internet” issue even after configuring it in a proper way via (manually) or using the WPS method.

If you are also facing internet-related issue with your Nighthawk X10 router, then need not to worry because we have got your back. In this post, we will provide you the topmost fixes following which resolving the issue will be as easy as playing Simon Says with kids to you. Hence, stick to this 5-minute read!

Why X10 Not Connecting to Internet?

Before you start troubleshooting the Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the internet” issue, you must be aware of the reasons causing it. Here are some common yet major reasons that might be preventing your X10 router from connecting to the internet:

  • Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the modem
  • Your modem and router are not placed in close proximity
  • Issues from your ISP end can also be the cause behind the issue
  • The Ethernet cable you have used for connecting your X10 router and modem is worn out or damaged

Now, you can follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned below and know how to resolve the issue at hand. Here we go!

Fixed: X10 Not Connecting to Internet

Check the Connection Between Devices

Start troubleshooting the issue by checking the Ethernet connection between your Nighthawk X10 router and modem. Are you sure that the connection made by you is strong enough? If your answer is no, then ensure that your devices stay connected via Ethernet source using a well-maintained cable.

After applying this fix, check if “Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the internet” issue is fixed or not by having a nudge on the Netgear router lights. Make sure that all the lights on your Netgear router are green and stable. If they are, it means that your X10 is successfully connected to the internet. On the off chance of you see any of the Netgear router lights displaying red or amber color, it means that the issue still persists. Don’t worry! Apply the next hack in the post in line

Contact Your ISP

Chances are that the service provider of your internet connection is the culprit. Yes, you read it right! To verify it, you need to contact your ISP as soon as possible. If you find that the internet-related issue is from his end, request him to get it fixed. In case contacting the internet service provider doesn’t help you fix the issue, without much delay, give the next fix a shot.

Place Your X10 Closer to Modem

The distance between your Nighthawk X10 router and modem can also be the reason behind getting “Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the internet” issue. Therefore, make sure that your router and modem and place in close proximity.

Update X10 Firmware

Performing Nighthawk X10 firmware is the effective thing you can do to get rid of “Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the internet” issue. To update the firmware of your X10 WiFi router, you just need to visit its firmware update page using the default login username and password and follow the on-screen instructions. Refer to Netgear Nighthawk X10 manual for default X10’s router credentials.

Reset Your X10

Even after following the aforementioned fixes, if you are still unable to get rid of “Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the internet” issue, then it is recommended to reset it back to factory default settings. The reason is, improper X10 router setup can also lead you to the issue. In order to reset your Nighthawk X10 router, press and hold the reset hole present on it, wait for a couple of seconds, and then release it.

Now, you are suggested to perform the Nighthawk X10 setup again using (manual method) or the WPS method.

To Sum Up

Anticipating that the aforementioned fixes helped you to get rid of “Nighthawk X10 router not connecting to the internet” issue. If yes, then you are all set to enjoy the uninterrupted internet connectivity from any corner of your house.

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