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Many people worry about how they look and how must they look. Many of them also hire Personalized Style Concierge. But we are here to help you out with this quick blog post that will tell you which look to pick for yourself. 

We have chosen the most sophisticated looks for you. Moreover, we have the best styling tips and tricks that will make you look more elegant and fab. It is time to rock with your wardrobe with our fashion tips and tricks.

1. Fancy Slip-Ons:

The best thing you can pick is metallic slip-on sneakers. These are not only in trend but also are super classic, comfortable with a metallic shine and perfect for casual and outings. Make sure to buy the one with elastic paneling. They will make your look great. 

The best part is that you will be super comfortable in these shoes, and if you need to run, you can also easily run in them. 

2. Boyfriend-Fit Staple Blazer:

Blazers make a whole look. You can add a Boyfriend fit blazer to your look as well. It will help you in avoiding looking at too much stuff. These blazers are considered cool girl elements. Moreover, they fit for both professional as well as dressy looks.

You can wear a pencil skirt with this blazer. Or you can also carry it with a party dress. It will look amazing on you. 

3. Mixed Dress Up:

You can also make a mix-up of different dresses. You can try leggings with faux leather coats or jackets. And you can wear dressy joggers too. Another look is wearing high school sweatpants and pairing them with woven sweaters and long boots. Here is a complete great look for your day. 

4. White Button-Down Shirts:

Simple white button-down shirts are now also in trend. You can wear them for office, a night party, and even a casual dinner. How? Well, there are different ways. You can wear it with high waist culottes. Or you can wear it with a midi skirt. You can wear a blazer on top to complete the look.

Complete the look by wearing bold colored lipsticks. So, you can look amazing. 

5. Block Heels:

When discussing everything, why should the shoes leave behind? You can make an amazing look with block heels. Block heels are now a new trend from office to party wear. So, you can wear them and rock the stage with your look. 

6. Leather Jackets:

Leather jackets never go out of trend. They always come with new inspiration and style. You can make your look by wearing denim pants, mock neck sweaters and leather jackets over them. Don’t forget to wear long court shoes. They will make you look great.


Personalized Style Concierge can help you a lot in choosing the best style. But we know that our blog has also helped you. If you find our blog amazing, don’t forget to share it. You may also comment on which thing would you prefer.

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