A Brief Guide Of Second Passport And How to Obtain It

A Brief Guide Of Second Passport And How to Obtain It- A Cheapest second passport draws the attention of many individuals around the globe. Having two separate passports looked unrealistic before, but it is possible now.

What is a second passport?

A second passport is almost a clone of your premier passport. However, its validity lasts for four years. It is issued to the US citizens who require two separate passports for several reasons. The second passport is highly advised for those who travel regularly.

Just like your primary passport, a second passport will have a new passport number, issue, and expiration date. There are different procedures to get your cheapest second passport. 

Who can apply for a second passport?

Travelers falling under two categories are eligible to apply for and obtain a second passport. Below are the categories

  • Your passport needs to be in two places at once. If you want to travel out of the country and in need of a travel visa for an upcoming trip, a second passport is perhaps the best choice. You can take your next upcoming trip to a particular country on your original passport, whereas, with the aid of the second passport is with any other country consulate for your visa processing.
  • Your passport stamps from the least traveled countries are unacceptable in your next travels. In that case, you can use your secondary passport.

Countries who offer a second passport easily

Many countries in the world follow strict rules and regulations while offering citizenship. No matter if you have lived there for a long time.

However, there are some countries where getting citizenship is hassle-free, as one can become a citizen through “boots on the ground” second residency. Below are the names of such countries,

  • Canada
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Panama
  • Brazil

How to become a second citizen and own a second passport

If your pocket allows you to live abroad, you can get citizenship. Whether you want to go for the citizenship of a particular country right from set-go? Or whether you wish to move to a foreign country and spend 5-6 years before applying for citizenship? Well, all this depends on you. You can do either of the one or both.

Below are five standard ways to get second citizenship;

Citizenship by Descent: The second passport is the cheapest passport to buy. Different countries have different procedures for citizenship. Some offer ancestral citizenship to those who can prove their family ties. If you succeed in this parameter, you are eligible for second citizenship. Some people even claim multiple second citizenships using this method.

Countries like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Poland, Vietnam, Mexico, Canada, Lithuania, etc. offer dual citizenship by descent, and many people have already claimed it. 

Citizenship by Marriage

Marriage is perhaps the most common and popular method to get citizenship of a particular country. Many countries around the globe offer citizenship if you get married there.

Countries like France and the United States of America will fast-track the naturalization timeline for the spouse to obtain citizenship hassle-free. Apart from this, there are places like Cape Verde, where one can get citizenship immediately after marriage. 

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment is also called ‘dominica economic citizenship.’ The process is easy, wherein, a country will offer you citizenship in exchange for an investment in the country or a purchase of the real estate. The time taken for this procedure to get completed is six months. 

Several countries offer economic citizenship programs ‘off the rack’ while there are several others that offer more simplified solutions. Below are the countries that offer citizenship by investment;

· Malta

· Austria

· Moldova

· Jordan

· Turkey

· Vanuatu

· Montenegro

· Cyprus

· Antigua and Barbuda

· Grenada

· Kitts and Nevis

· Dominica

Citizenship by Naturalization

This is the basic procedure of applying for citizenship. The prime aspect of getting citizenship by naturalization includes building up legal residence time in another country and eventually applying for citizenship.

The process might be seriously time taking that can account for 2 to 30 years, however, all this depends on the country where you are seeking your second passport. 

Countries like Canada have strict requirements for physical presence in the country, whereas, for other countries, you may have to put a set foot in the country once or twice a year.

Fast-track Naturalization

Many countries acquire citizens from other countries to help their cause and in return, offer them citizenship. One of the prime examples is the Middle-east countries who recruit promising athletes from Africa to compete for them.

If the athletes do so, they are handed a passport and grant them citizenship.

Time to wrap up: If you are a regular traveler traveling for any purpose whatsoever, a second passport is a handy option. You can get the cheapest second passport by following its guidelines and nothing else. A Brief Guide Of Second Passport And How to Obtain It, hope you found this article useful, please comment your views.

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People who often endure the time crunch of obtaining a travel visa and all are highly recommended to go for the option of a second passport that could reduce all your stress with ease. Here’s everything you need to know about the second passport. A Brief Guide Of Second Passport And How to Obtain It, you can share it with your friends.

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