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Technical Reviews,Why iPhone7Plus: the best smartphone you should buy in 2016

iPhone 7 and 7 plus, everything you need to know

Latest iPhone 7 andĀ  7 plus models, which promise water resistant bodies, longer battery performance, better power and dual lens camera that brings a clear-more wide range. Whereas in Plus model there comes a telephoto lens.

I want to buy iPhone 7

You can buy iPhone 7 and 7plus starting at $649 and $749, with an upgraded 32GB storage. People faced many storage problem in 16GB, once they download several apps and other items then theĀ  phone runs out of storage. But now this problem with upgraded storage has been resolved.

iPhone 7 and 7 plus with ear buds( wireless), no head phone port on the phone

New Wireless earbuds

You can buy new wireless earbuds in just $159( buying a new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will get you free wired headphones, can be called Ear pods, that just use lightning port to connect).

Complete Specifications



iOS 10

Upgrade to apple’s new operating system is free and the personal assistant- Siri has been added to many apps. In new iMessages text will be more visual with amazing stickers, unique and bigger emojis and additionally you can draw pics into the text itself. But in order to see these visual the recipient must have latest apple devices. And iOS 10 would be new feature for free in latest iPhones.

For music: iPhone 7 has stereo system with awesome audio experience

iPhone 7 Jet black edition is in high demand



Unbox Your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus today and Go Professional.

Friends wires are nasty as they get twisted. And to remove these flaws Apple has removed its audio jack and iPhone 7 is great but you should go for 7 plus. And more about speaker, there are two speakers-on the bottom and on the top.

Apple has maintained the bench mark, iPhone 7 and 7plus are more powerful than any other best android phone in the market.
That is it friends, if you want to see some major change in iPhone’s design then you have to wait for its next launch and till the time keep posting your comments and your own technical reviews in the box.


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