Tesla Model 3

Today the company have launched a super exclusive model –  Tesla Model 3 which would be ” the best car, hands down,” according the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk. And this would be available for the customers in the almost same price as the other luxury cars, and this vehicle has every thing for your safety and comfort. It has sensors necessary for auto pilot, but it requires additional $5000 investment, and it would help you in lane keeping, speed matching, automatic switching to the right lance and self parking capacity as well.

Color options in Tesla Model 3 it is now available in metallic silver, basic black,  deep blue, and midnight silver as well as red and pearl clean white.

And fully premium model fo Tesla Model 3 would cost you $59,500 without taxes, that’s quite reasonable for dealing with cars, specially when compared with gas running vehicles, so now is the time for reservation of your favorite car if you are inclined.

Every thing about Tesla Model 3

There are so many amazing feature of this car

  1. Advance voice control
  2. Wi-fi & and LTE connections with on board navigation
  3. Keyless start and every thing using the Tesla app
  4. Back up Camera
  5. Cargo capacity
  6. Automated rear view mirrors
  7. The best climate control
  8. USB ports

I am looking for more, is that what you want?

Don’t worry!

Some up-gradable features are available by getting premium option, pay $5000 more for improved finish and other features. So in premium upgrade you get better material interiors and two rear USB ports.

  • Power adjustable front seat, side mirrors, and steering column
  • Tinted glass roof, and coolest audio system
  • Ports for smartphones
  • LED fog light and many more

Why Tesla Model 3 is the best car for you?

The model 3 have passed so many parameters and have got highest rating being the best electric car in the world. The model have achieved the title of first most safest car beating volvo cars and meeting all safety sensors in it.

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 Price of Tesla Model 3

It is previously announced the starting price of the Tesla’s Model 3 would be $35,000, but now you can read all price details about the vehicle here.

  • Base level configuration for the new EV- 220 miles of range
  • If you charge with supercharger for half an hour then it can have the range of 130 miles  recouped
  • Charging at home, this would take you 30 miles of range per hour
  • This model can reach 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds
  • And the top speed of the car is 130 mph

Want to have some additional features of Tesla model 3?  great!

For some additional pay of $9000, you can get the long battery version, which will cost you $44,000 in total without any credits or tax. These specification comes along with this version-

  • Increased miles, 310 miles of range
  • 170 miles can be reached in just half an hour of charging using supercharger
  • 37 miles if you are charging the battery at home, 240V & 40A
  • 0-60 mph in 5 seconds
  • Top speed 140 mph

Both variants have common interior along with 15-inches of touch display that helps you to access the virtual panel, music and climate control.

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