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Are you searching for the best and cheapest apple tempered glass for your iPhone? Indeed, you have arrived at the right audit! Today we’re going to do a hands-on review of Apple tempered glass

The tempered glass screen protector from MK Mobile is suitable for those of you who live an extreme lifestyle requiring extreme protection. You better look at no other screen protector than this amazing Apple tempered glass screen protector. 

For those of you who may not be familiar with the apple tempered glass protector. Using a screen protector is one of the best ways to prevent your phone from scratches. It also offers a lot more protection than a regular plastic screen protector. 

Apple tempered screen protector is an additional sheet of material that can be attached to the screen of an iPhone. It offers protection against physical damage.  

What’s the Apple tempered glass made from? 

Apple tempered glass screen defender is a diverse screen defender. It has a base layer of porous silicon, PET film. It is an optically clear cement safety glass and oleo phobic covering in a specific order. 

Apple tempered glass screen protector is up to five times stronger than regular glass. Apple tempered glass is more robust and durable than plastic protection films available in the market. Plastic Protectors get scratched effectively and are around 0.1mm. Whereas glass defenders are generally 0.3-0.5 mm in thickness. Screen defenders can protect your cell phone up as far as possible. 

Every year users of the iPhone increasing; hence Apple is coming up with newer models to increase its market share. All the newer iPhones are loaded with premium specs and features, thus needing special protection. iPhone OLED display screen needs special protection. 

In this regard, Apple tempered glass screen protector by MK mobiles provides a solution for screen protection. Over the year it has been proven that apple tempered glass screen protector provides better protection for your iPhone. 

Apple tempered glass screen protector has come a long way to offer more secure options and more trusted build qualities. 

What is Apple Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Premium Tempered Glass is the standard choice for people who desire to cover their phone screens without damaging the edges. Tempered glass screen protectors are manufactured by extensively heating the glass and quickly cooling it. As the glass undergoes both extreme heat and then rapid cooling, they end up being extraordinarily strong. These are 99.99% transparent, shatter and scratch proof and come with responsive touch.

In simple terms, a tempered glass screen protector is a perfect shield for a phone’s display. Technically a tempered glass-made screen protector is a stronger form of simple glass. As it is self-descriptive by its name, it is particularly tempered to achieve the toughness and compressed form to be used in the areas where safety is concerned. Besides its toughness, it has a tendency to dice when it breaks. Dicing is a term that defines that tempered glass when breaks, will be converted into small less injurious pieces, and these little pieces will not be blown out. Instead, they will be kept together without causing any harm or mess.

Tempered glass screen protectors consist of multiple layers. It includes an oleophobic Nano-coating, anti-shatter film, and a penetrable silicone coating on top of the glass.

Compressing these layers adds to the heat and scratch resistivity of the glass making it as much as five times stronger than normal glass. The hardening process for tempered is done at a much slower rate, giving it better strength, and is used more for safety purposes.

Now let’s take a look at the comparison between a normal and a premium apple-tempered glass screen protector.

Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturing Process  

Let’s take a closer look at how apple tempered glass is manufactured. 

  • The anti-shock screen protector film is placed inside the machine properly with thin magnets on it. 
  • The film clings to the iron-containing area under the film so it does move during the process of making the screen protector. 
  • Then the template for the protector is selected for the iPhone model you want to make the protector for. 
  • Then the 3D soft anti-shock screen protector is cut according to the size of your phone. 
  • At this time, this screen protector will remain inside the machine. Eventually, the screen protector for the phone is ready. 


The best advantage of using an Apple tempered glass screen protector is that the fabric is thicker. It is stronger than that your typical plastic screen protector. As a result, your protector is extremely proof against scratches and different visible damage. 

This can be particularly vital for those who tend to store their smartphones in a bag or purse with keys or different objects. These objects could scratch the iPhone screen. 

As well as giving a thicker and more grounded layer of security for your telephone’s screen. 

Apple Tempered glass screen protector likewise incorporates a look and feel that is horrendously like your standard cell phone screen. 

Thus, you won’t see the screen defender however much you would with a plastic one. 

Technology and Effect 

Tempered glass screen manufacturers around the world are in a competition to craft one new thing for Apple Products. Manufacturers around the world are making protector films that are user-friendly. 

And that they work continuously to improve product quality and features to it. 

To offer the mirror effect, manufacturers of Apple tempered glass screen protectors use high-end technology and top-end machines. These top-end machines apply electroplating for a smooth and glossy result. 

Right along the interaction makers avoid potential risk and care to not hurt the actual glass. Because there is a probability if the process isn’t done properly by following the step mentioned it will waste the film. 

To give the apple tempered screen protector a crystal-clear shiny look, the electroplating must be completely accurate else there will be visible cracks within the screen.  

This element can certainly as shooting improve the preparation of your versatile and may continuously sing its own gestures of recognition of your Cell phone. 

This feature improves the existing disadvantage of protection features of tempered glass screen protectors because the performance can also be really good. 

The electroplating mirror effect not only makes your phone a shiny one but also helps you to protect your privacy to some extent. 

Also, the electroplating coating is really ultra-thin therefore making the mirror effect style more effective yet modern. Due to electroplating, the security capacity gets a lift and the wide range of various existing burdens take a secondary lounge. 

Size of the Apple Tempered Glass:  

The first thing that every buyer should be looking for while selecting an Apple tempered glass is its model or make. The Apple tempered glass should match the dimension of your iPhone. 

It’s made easier one way by searching the model number of your iPhone. It will guide you to find and select an apple tempered glass screen protector of accurate size. 

Apart from that one major thing issue that you should consider before buying the tempered glass screen is to check its coverage area. Most of the local screen protector films leave the edges of the iPhone unprotected. 

The apple tempered glass screen protector is able to protect the edge-to-edge display of your iPhone. When applied on the iPhone screen it is crystal clear all the way around. 


Now you must be clear that why an Apple tempered glass screen protector is an essential accessory for your iPhone. So, we recommend using the Apple tempered glass screen protector and enjoying the best screen life. 

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