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Shopify has rapidly grown in popularity as one of the best eCommerce platforms, powering over 5.4 million new businesses in 2021 alone. It has effectively helped entrepreneurs reach more buyers wherever they are and build strong customer relationships.

The go-to-platform is the first step to building a successful eCommerce business. But, despite its highly diverse features and user-friendly offerings – the challenge lies in getting your Shopify store off the ground! Driving traffic, converting visitors, and increasing sales are where businesses fail to hit their goals.

Increasing sales in your Shopify store is not as difficult as you might think. In fact, there are potent ways that can help you to expand your operations exponentially.

As an experienced branding agency, we have helped many businesses to grow their traffic and profits. Based on this experience, we have come up with some tips that have helped our clients grow their businesses.

If you are a web design company, from store design to checkout process optimization, these tips will help you improve your store conversion rate at every juncture for your clients. And if you are an individual business owner looking to change your selling strategies, this article will help you turn your fledging store into a powerhouse generating more sales daily.

What is slowing down traditional retail sales?

Are you having a hard time closing the sale?

Are you wondering why sales are not going up despite the highest quality products?

Well, these are reasonable questions – as businesses cannot function without sales – it needs earnings for success. Your sales team is working hard, you have amazing offers and products, and still, you don’t land the customer. Usually, multiple factors affect your sales –

  • Poor or complex store navigation
  • Your store is not user-friendly or mobile optimized
  • The landing page or the product page is not attractive enough
  • Targeting the wrong audience or messaging is wrong
  • You are only marketing and not selling – Your strategies need a change
  • Your website doesn’t have product descriptions, and image quality is low

Now that you know the barriers, let’s see how you can improve your conversion rate on Shopify, drive traffic, and gain trust to enhance sales.

According to us, the best way to make more sales on your Shopify store is not to find new customers but to retarget the old ones and try to squeeze more from them.

10 Tips to turn your Shopify store into a thriving business

Creating a store is just the first step. But creating a store doesn’t guarantee that consumers will be flocking to your website and making purchases. The real challenge lies in making money out of your store.

The eCommerce market is getting highly competitive. So, the key here is to employ effective tactics to increase traffic and convert customers. It’s a number game, after all! The more visitors, the more chances to get sales.

Let’s look at the effective strategies for winning those consumers and making progress.

1. Poor or Complex Store Navigation

When a customer visits your website, they search for a menu. And if the navigation is complicated, images don’t load properly, and the layout is unappealing – users will find your website challenging to use and thus abandon your business.

Remove unnecessary steps in the navigation process and provide all the essential information in the first go the user sees. You should also include a menu at the bottom of the site to improve the site’s usability.

2. Load store faster

In times of high-speed internet and low attention spans, visitors will not wait an eternity for your website to load. Consumers are increasingly shopping on the go, and if your website doesn’t load quickly, you lose potential sales.

So the first thing you should focus on is optimizing your Shopify store for better speed.

Use simpler designs, light themes, high-quality compressed images, and clear and crisp website content, and remove apps or features that slow down your store. Faster-loading websites rank higher on the Google search engine. Higher search volume can help attract more organic traffic.

3. Social Proof

Consumers purchase based on product reviews, exploring and comparing other products, and their experience with the brand. Recommendations and positive experiences of others with the product or service play a vital role in decision-making.

Hence it’s imperative to include Social Proof/Client testimonials on your website. It’s an excellent way to build the brand, ensure authenticity, and earn trust. You can –

  • Include user testimonials below every product.
  • Display the number of customers who have bought your product or service
  • Add a Like button to show the popularity of the product or the service
  • Include a list of top-sold products or services.

4. Multiple Sales Channel

You can also maximize your reach using multiple sales channels and marketing strategies. Social Media platforms, Email marketing campaigns, marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart, Point-of-sale channels, and more.

You can do A/B testing with different marketing strategies and choose the winning strategy every time.

The more sales channel and marketing strategies you choose, the more chances you have to generate organic traffic.

5. Generate high-quality content

Top-notch and relevant content is the best way to reach out to potential consumers and convey your brand message.

Consumers love to be well-informed. They make a purchase after reading what value the product will add to their life, how it will solve their problem, and how they will benefit. For example, if you are selling an Ayurvedic hair oil, information about the ingredients used, how it will improve their health, a care guide, and other tips might surely interest your visitors.

The more information you share, the more reliable users find your product; thus, you can establish meaningful relationships with your consumers. Hence, write killer product descriptions, regular post blogs, and take the help of appealing photos.

6. Leverage diverse Shopify features and apps

Did you know there are over 2426 apps on Shopify which can add tremendous value to your store and help gain more consumers?

You can use these apps to optimize your site for Google SEO, add new themes and functionalities, and capture emails and additional information.

Shopify apps are an excellent way to improve your online business’s reach and ranking, receive more traffic, and thus increase revenue.

7. Create dedicated landing pages

One great way to generate more sales is to create a high-converting landing page specifically designed for that particular product/service.

The main aim of a landing page is to convert a visitor, hence keeping it less complicated and user-friendly. Keep in mind –

  • It should be easy to navigate and should have clear call-to-action buttons.
  • It should be visually appealing, with catchy headlines, banners, and crisp content with clear explanations.

The main part of the page should provide detailed information as to why visitors should buy from you and what value you are adding.

8. Add a wishlist and use bundles and subscriptions

Adding a wishlist on the website encourages users to create a list of the products they like and may prefer to buy later. This creates a positive experience and increases conversion rate and purchase activity.

Bundles and subscriptions lock in consistent revenue and give users a more effortless shopping experience. As per our experience, Shopify store owners should focus more on repeat customers instead of acquiring new customers and trying to squeeze more from them.

And by utilizing bundles and subscriptions – you can increase sales by improving customer satisfaction.

9. Make your store mobile-friendly

In this fast-paced life, mobile is the most popular platform where users browse through your products or services on the go. Therefore, if your website is not mobile-friendly, you could use many potential consumers.

Optimize your store to make it easily accessible on mobile, reduce the amount of content, use actual product photos, and make navigation very easy with add to cart button on every page.

10. Offer discounts and create urgency

Discounts and offers are a great way to attract customers and appeal to them to purchase. Make sure to highlight offers on your website at different junctures. Send discount codes through email, SMS, and push notifications. Make the checkout process more straightforward so that users can easily apply coupon codes to make the purchase.

Create urgency or scarcity during offer times by using phrases like ‘Only ‘X’ items left,’ ‘Sale ends soon,’ ‘Offer for a limited period,’ and more. This will create a sense of urgency and urge people to purchase before the product goes out of stock.


You don’t need to do everything mentioned in the article above to accentuate your sales number. Every business requirement differs, and returns may vary from implementing any particular strategy.

One must determine what works best for them and take action accordingly. Even small changes can make a significant impact.

Ensure targeted SEO strategy, quality content, easy-to-navigate, fast-load website designs, and a good selling plan will get you more visitors. And, at last, win your consumers by listening to their needs and offering them an appropriate solution. Then they will end up purchasing.

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