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Things a Fire Fighter Can Teach You About Life

It’s easy to see why so many people fall in love with the idea of becoming a firefighter. After all, what could be better than helping people in their hour of need? It’s not about glory or money — for the most part, it’s about the greater good.

Firefighters are at the forefront of protecting their communities and do what they do because they care. In this post, we will walk you through the lessons everyone can learn from firefighters so that they can apply them in their lives and succeed.

Humility and Compassion

Firefighters routinely save lives, but they also tend to be some of the most resilient, compassionate, and hardworking professionals out there. They have a reputation for being tough, fearless, and brazen. After all, they enter buildings that are on fire while risking their lives to save others’ lives. Despite their fearless reputation, not all firefighters see themselves as heroes. They see themselves as people who want to help. Their humble attitude represents what it means to be a firefighter — to be compassionate, passionate, and proactive. 

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Not losing your head in tough times

Firefighters find themselves in situations that most of us never will. They must make some tough decisions under extreme duress. Their training and experience equip them with the mental and physical toughness to perform their job protecting others. Their ability to stay calm, cool, and collected under extreme stress and pressure is something every person should learn from.

They Stay Physically Fit

Firefighting is one of the most physically demanding jobs on earth. Their fitness is a job requirement and they must maintain it in order to prevent injury on the job. They need to exercise regularly to stay fit for their jobs. They work on maintaining their physical fitness to ensure that they are ready for any situation at all times. For example, firefighters must be able to carry a person from one place to another without straining themselves or climb up several flights of stairs without losing breath.

Great at Teamwork

Fire Fighters are great at teamwork and self-sacrifice. They have a high sense of loyalty within their departments and put in long hours. A lot of people who work in the fire department are doing it for the love and not for the money. One good example of a humble firefighter is ex UFC heavy weight champion Stipe Miocic, who still works for the department despite being a millionaire.

Firefighters work together and work as a team to get the job done. They are always willing to help each other out and support each other whenever necessary.

This is also why firefighters make some of the best entrepreneurs. The ability to work as a team, sacrifice, and make split-second decisions translates well into entrepreneurship.

Keep Improving

Firefighters are an interesting bunch, and they have a lot to teach you about life. Sure, they put out fires, but they also spend a ton of time thinking about risks, safety, and how to do the job as efficiently as possible. Because of this they also love to learn. They constantly attend courses and seminars to improve their firefighting and safety techniques, as well as spend time studying on their own and reading books.

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Firefighters Keep their Communication Clear and Concise

Communication is often touted as the most important skill in a firefighter’s toolkit. It’s one of the first things you are taught and is often drilled into firefighters from their first day on the job. This is because clear and concise communication is vital both for preserving life and property — but also for improving response times and crew efficiency. Communication improves with teamwork, training, repetition, and consistency.

Firefighters are constantly communicating with each other, whether they’re talking over a radio or through hand signals. For these professionals, effective communication is a crucial part of their job; it creates a sense of trust between team members and it can help save lives.

Communication is an essential skill for anyone. Whether it’s communicating with your boss, colleagues, or friends and family, being a good communicator is a vital skill to have succeeded.

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