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If you already have grown long hair, then congratulations to you, now you are a member of a long hair family. Growing hair long is not something easy, especially for a man. Men usually don’t spend hours on their hair maintenance. Even though if you have managed to grow your hair long, then we know exactly how many difficulties you have faced. But don’t let your hard work go to waste, style your long hair to show the world how amazing a long hairstyle can look. But the question is how to style long hair?

Wearing a long hairstyle is a bold attempt for a man. It’s not a piece of cake for everyone. Before you want to wear a long hairstyle, make sure that you have the time & patience to maintain your hairstyle. Just growing your hair long doesn’t end the procedure of wearing a long hairstyle, actually, it’s the beginning. So if you are sure of your patience & determined to wear a long hairstyle, then here are the top 10 long hairstyles for men.  

1. Long & Straight

If you have long silky hair & want to keep your hair as long as it goes, then you can definitely give this style a try. Keep your hair always straight & tangle-free. A hair straightener will come handy if you want easy maintenance.

2. Long & Curly

If you have natural curls & like your hair to keep clumsy, then this style is for you. It provides you an unkempt look. Most of the time, use your hand to maintain this style instead of a hair comb.

3. Top Knot with Faded Side

long hair style

This long hairstyle is actually a maintenance part of your long hair. The sides are faded towards the top & the long hair on top of your head remains long to make a knot. This hairstyle looks great with a full beard.

4. Long Slick Back

This is a very popular long hairstyle for men. Comb your hair straight backward, starting from your upper part of the forehead. This style looks great with a beard or without a beard.

5. Long Straight with Side High Skin Fade

The hair of both sides will be high skin trimmed. Only the middle part of your hair will remain. You need long & straight hair on the top to fulfill this look. You can keep your hair on any side you like. This style is very popular among hipsters.

6. Low Man Bun

This style is popular for men who have long hair. You need to make a bun on the back to wear this style. If you have long straight hair & sometimes when you are in a hurry you can also make a man bun on the back & save your time. It’s also a safe option to follow this style all the time.

7. Tapered Sides with Long Hair on Top

The sides of this style will be tapered upward, but not too much. The upper part of your hair will be long & silky. This style is only possible if you have naturally silky hair. This style is not recommended for people with curly hair.

8. Natural Long

You don’t need to provide many efforts if you want to follow this style. As it is named, the style includes naturally long hair. You don’t need to follow any style. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, just let it be just like that. Keep your natural curls or wave if you have any. Just keep your hair clean & as manageable as possible.

9. Loose Long Hair

This Hair Style is most popular in China, Japan & Korea. You can see the KPop band BTS members with this style. This style requires natural silky & thick hair. Just let your hair grow to the direction it grows. Sometimes your hair may cover your eyes even half of your face wearing this style. If you have a bigger forehead & want to hide it, then this style sure will do the job.

10. Long Ponytail

The ponytail is not just for women; men can also make a ponytail with hair. If you have long hair & finding the easiest way to maintain it without trimming, then this is the one style you need. No matter which type of hair you have, you definitely can wear this style.  

Choosing only one style from the above list is really hard. But make sure that the style you choose has the ability to enhance your look & suit your hair type. Your beard also plays a vital role here. So you should also choose one Beard Styles for Men to fulfill a perfect image.  

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