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The design of your website is very crucial. But people look forward to a few things to be at definite places on the sites they visit. It means that you must not permit your designer escape with ideas and pay no attention to usability in your website design, if not visitors are about to click the reverse button fast.

If the website design is not at all attractive and visitors are facing difficulty to make a purchase, they will surely run away.  If your website is designed poorly, it can be hard to recognize what to do after that, once you have found what you are in search of. If you want your customers to take any kind of action, you are required to give them a few hints as to what that may be.

There are lots of features of website designing which are required to think about during a website designing. No matter whether you take assistance from the best website designers for small business or you do it yourself, you need to consider a few steps.

Here are the top 15 website designing tips and tricks while designing your website:

Keep The Website Design Simple

It is not essential to add sorts of cool Photoshop effects on your website; the fact is that these effects can result in littering of the page and adjourn the users.

web designing

Instead, keep the design uncomplicated by:

  • Text, as well as visuals, must match each other but not overcome each other.
  • Arrange the page in a way that it becomes simple for the user to get the information he/she is searching for.

Create Visual Communication

With the motive of mounting successful communication with users, make use of appropriate colors for projection of your website’s image. To make navigation simple and easy, you can make use of buttons for highlighting thumbnails or links in place of text links. You can take visitors attention to significant updated content or links by use of visual cues like scrolls or arrows, bold text.

Keep The Text Narrow

If the design of the text is narrow, users will not get fed up by having to scroll to one side to read the text. And, this is the main reason for which majority if the newspapers also make use of narrow columns. In fact, such kind of designs makes text easily understandable and more attractive.

Website Design Must Be Reliable

You should keep the layout of your website reliable across the website so that users do not face issues while finding vital information.

  • Easily readable fonts must be used
  • Location of the main links must be consistent
  • Make use of color combination in all pages
  • Different fonts across the website must not be used

Try Attracting Visitors Come Back Again to Your Website

There are lots of visitors as well as websites that get overloaded with data all the time so probability that they come back to your website are very really low. In order to make visitors come back to your website, you are required to offer them with data and all sorts of information they are in search of.

Don’t Go Out of the Conventions

When you are designing a website, conventions are not a bad thing to stick on to. For example, users are used to finding RSS, Twitter, Facebook links in a convinced format in the majority of the websites. For example, you try to put these links differently on your website; chances are that they might miss those links.

Provide Easy Navigation

You should keep the navigation easy as well as clear to make the visitors stay on your website and establish significant links. Check if all the links are opening, visitors would easily go to other websites if the page on your website does not open.

Make Your Buy Page Easily Available

It will be very hard to sell your product if the customer is unable to find out your buy page.  One of the most critical concerns in web design is the ‘ease of functionality,’ but, links and clear buttons will make your website much easier for visitors to navigate and read. Moreover, users are not willing to take action if their attention is diverted by something on the page.

Test The Compatibility of The Browser

You should make sure that the website opens properly in all the browsers. Solve all the problems so that it looks just right in all browsers and there are no issues with the compatibility.

Test Usability

You might be thinking that your website is incredible and easy to use, but you are required to ensure that visitors also feel the same. Make sure you do the usability tests to check what is working and what is not.

Don’t Forget Phone Users

The design of your website also needs to look good on a mobile phone. Your website developer must test the design and everything related to your website on a number of phones from different manufacturers. Not just their own phone.

Make The Navigation Easy

No matter from where your navigation system is found whether, from a sidebar or a horizontal menu bar, it must be easy to use. If most of the websites in your industry have a search box near the top right of the page, that’s where your search box should be because that is where your users want it to be.

Feature A Graphic

There are many people react in a positive way to images. The graphic must not be used just for the sake of using it; you are required to make sure that it improves the page.

Visit A Few Big Sites

The big websites have spent lots of money testing the best location for a variety of elements on the page. You can take benefit from this by getting the best design elements from the top 3 or 4 websites in your niche and working them into the design of your website.

Make Good-Quality Content

In order to make the visitors stay on your website, your main focus must be on providing good-quality and interesting content. You should know how web design impacts your content. Yes, it is true that visuals fetch the user to your website but it is the content that keeps them on your site.

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