Top 5 Technical Skills to Learn

Top 5 Technical Skills to Learn In 2021

The year 2021 has arrived with the promise of a bright future, holding success and growth opportunities as we move away from the lingering effects of the pandemic. This also implies that individuals are now seeking options that guarantee success.

The rapid advancement in technology fueled by the incidents of the previous year has created a change in the dynamics of the job market. Many in-demand skills have suddenly become useless or require lesser people. However, it has also created opportunities in numerous other areas.

Since IT reigns supreme in this era, a whole new demand has developed for IT-related technical skills.

What are Technical Skills?

Also termed as ‘hard skills, technical skills are a set of acquired or learned skills and knowledge required to accomplish given tasks. We live in a progressive world where even the most underprivileged individuals are now equipped with some level of basic tech skills to navigate through today’s highly digitalized world.

Categories of Technical Skills

Technical skills can be broken down into broader categories like:

  • Data Analysis
  • Programming and Coding
  • Project Management
  • Social Media Expertise
  • Technical Writing
  • Administrative Skills

It has become essential to invest in academic courses that promote technical skills as fundamental. The professional who has more sharpened technical skills is automatically going to be any recruiter’s preferred choice and is also going to be better equipped to work and thrive in this IT-driven world.

Many institutions, both physical and virtual, are offering their services to inculcate an interest in technical skills as it is both a growing potential market and also, there is an ever-growing demand for individuals with the right set of skills.

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Top 5 Technical Skills for 2021

Among the many skills that are in demand today, the following are the 5 most sought-after and promising skills that are bound to land you in a successful place.

  1. Quantum Computing

As a market that is growing at an exponential rate, quantum computing has grown significantly since 2019 and is projected to reach $64.98 billion by 2030. Big tech giants, national governments, international corporations, and startups have been investing heavily in this arena to promote research and innovation.

  1. Parallel Computing

It is the process of breaking down larger problems into smaller ones so they can be processed and executed simultaneously by multiple processors communicating via shared memory. The results are then combined as part of an overall algorithm.

Weather forecasting, special effects in movies, and desktop applications are a few examples.

  1. IT Automation

Technology is gradually replacing humans by creating software and systems that can perform any repeatable patterns. This may reduce and, in some cases, eliminate human intervention.

Professionals with IT automation skills are ideal for careers like DevOps engineers, Java developers, software developers, and systems engineers.

  1. Connected Technologies

Sometimes called smart connected technology are products with built-in technology that enable it to connect with other products in the environment. The rise in the Internet of Things (IoT) requires skills, including physical tools and network infrastructure to use them. This provides countless opportunities for individuals.

  1. DevOps

It is a set of practices that combine software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) to deliver faster applications and software. The DevOps market is growing at an astounding compound annual rate of 24.7% during the forecast period. It is expected to keep growing due to factors such as low cost, flexibility, agility, and fast delivery.

If you are still exploring options for career growth, then these areas alone should suffice. With the prevalent trends in the IT industry, it has become mandatory to learn IT-related technical skills to face competitiveness and also gain an edge over others.

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