Training Data for AI and Machine Learning in Insurance Claim

AI in insurance helping to detect the type and level of damage to vehicles. Actually, the AI-based computer vision technology is used to detect the area of damage and calculate the intensity providing an automatic detail for insurance claim processing. Cogito provides, training data for AI and machine learning in insurance with best level of accuracy for right predictions.

Annotation for Vehicle Dent Detection

The cars or motor vehicles having the dents due to small accidents can be detected with bounding box image annotation techniques. The affected area can be identified and captured to make it recognizable to machines through computer vision. Cogito provides image annotation vehicle dent detection to make it recognizable during automated repairing process at service center.

Annotation for Damage Level Detection

AI can also detect the intensity or level of damage on the body of different types of cars. And it is possible when the AI model is well-trained with annotated images are used to feed the machine algorithms that can learn such from such detection and predict when used in real-life. Cogito is providing the image annotation services to detect such damage in insurance sector.


Annotation for Damaged Car Body Parts

The different body part of the car, like headlight, bumper, indicators and bonnet damaged in the accidents can be also detected if annotated with right image annotation techniques. Cogito works with well-trained and highly experienced annotators to detect the different body parts of the vehicle and make it recognizable for machine learning based AI model development for insurance industry.

Bounding Box for Car Damage Detection

For simple and very damages, including the scratches, busted tyre can be detected with bounding box image annotation technique. Cogito provides, the bounding box image annotation for such damages with high-level of accuracy for right detection through machine learning.

Semantic Segmentation for Car Damage

To detect the depth and more insight about the damaged area in the body parts of the motor vehicles from the insurance claim perspective, semantic segmentation image annotation technique is used to train the machine learning based AI model. Annotators annotate this part carefully and it not only helps to detect the affected area but also localize and classify the object of interest in the images.

Video Annotation for Damage Detection

In AI insurance claims processing video annotation plays an important role in making the moving objects detectable to AI model through computer vision in machine learning. The damaged area of car or motor vehicle is annotated frame-by-frame in video annotation to make it delectable precisely. Cogito provides the video annotation service for machine learning training in insurance sector.


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