iTop VPN

Use iTop VPN to Hide Your IP and Access Any Sites

As one of the best free VPN service, iTop VPN is a good choice to enjoy secure surfing. Compared to the other competitors in the market, it shines great values and pretty generous service. While the free version is good enough, you’ll always get something with the Paid plans.

The free users can get a 700MB data stream a day, which is 21GB monthly. The amount is larger than HotSpot Shield but still less generous than ProtonVPN. The paid users will get a better connection through 1,800+ servers on 100 locations around the world.


How It Can Be Useful for You

The way VPNs work is always the same. They are here to mask your original IP and let you surf the internet without getting any content blockage. Even when you live somewhere else, you can freely enjoy the content in Canada, Australia, or any place you want to pick. This is important if you happen to have geo-restriction problems that happen frequently. Besides, iTop VPN has over 1800 servers in different regions worldwide.

It could make you safer when browsing the internet, keeping you away from visiting malicious and questionable websites. VPN services also allow for better internet connection as long as you use the best server location.

While public WiFi is typically free, it comes at the risk of your security and personal information. Hackers typically utilize these networks to hack users’ devices or track their surfing behavior and even financial accounts. However, if you use a VPN, these hackers will not be able to quickly get information such as your IP address, location, and so on. As a result, they will have no physical information with which to track you.

Extra Features

There are also desktop apps that are surprisingly filled with amazing stuff. You’ll get a kill switch that works most of the time, and the DNS protection. 

The DNS Protection works by protecting the DNS settings from any unwanted outside configuration. Now you can freely select public DNS providers you want. 

About the Pricing and Free Trial

You may do a sign up for a month with iTop VPN and pay for around twelve dollars. Quite expensive, yes, but for a greater amount of benefits, you’ll receive later on. As expected, the longer plans charge for less. If you want to do signup for a year, you’ll pay around $4.17 a month, which is way cheaper. Feel free to try the 2-year plan that will bring the price to a more generous amount of $2.31 a month. 

As for the payment, you can use a bank transfer, card, or Paypal. You can freely disable auto-renewal if you want to end your plan in the next period. There are 15 days money-back guarantee for longer plans and seven days for monthly plans.


With many features to enjoy and what it can actually offer for advanced users, iTop is a great free VPN to have. The free version is really worth a try.

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