What is a Good Fabric to Wear in the Summer Season?

Nowadays, there are many types of fabrics. Some of them are very expensive and rear. On the other hand, some of them are less expensive and easily available in the market.

Cotton is the most suitable fabric in the summertime. It is found in the market in the form ofcotton stretch yarn. It satisfies all the conditions to be the perfect summertime fabric. We will discuss those conditions below.

What are the Conditions of a Perfect Summer Time Fabric?

A perfect summertime fabric must have some salient features. We will discuss those features below.

  • First of all, the fabric must be soft and compressible. In summer, people love to wear comfortable clothes.
  • The fabric should be easily washable. It is one of the crucial features of a perfect summertime fabric.
  • Another important feature is the colour retention ability. After washing, some fabrics lose their colour. It means that those are low-quality fabrics. High-quality fabrics don’t lose colour. They retain their colour at any cost. In summer, people wash their clothes frequently because they sweat a lot during this time. If they don’t wash their cloth frequently, the clothes are going to reek. It will do no good to them.
  • The fabric must have the ability to absorb sweat.
  • On top of that, the fabric should dry up quickly. As the fabric absorbs sweat, it will get wet. Wet clothes adhere to the skin. People feel uncomfortable in this situation. So, the fabric must dry up quickly.
  • If the fabric has pores, it will be a very good thing for summertime clothes. The pores will aid in the passage of air between the skin and the environment. This passage of air will make anyone comfortable.
  • Lastly, the fabric must be cheap and easily available. If the fabric is readily available in the market, it becomes affordable.

Cotton is a cheap fabric and is found in abundance. In the market, you can get raw cotton in the form of cotton stretch yarn.

These features mentioned above are mandatory for a perfect summertime fabric. Cotton is an ideal summertime fabric because it has almost all these features.


Most people cannot decide what to wear in which season. In the winter season, most people wear clothes that are made of wool. It is the most suitable fibre in the winter season.

The wool fibres do not allow any heat exchange between the skin and the environment. That is why it keeps our bodies warm. As a consequence, we can be safe from catching a cold.

On the other hand, summertime needs a thin, comfortable, porous fabric. Cotton is the best example of this type of fabric. Cotton has almost the opposite features of wool fibre. Cotton helps in the exchange of heat and air of our skin with the outer environment.

The cloth manufacturing companies buy cotton stretch yarns from the market. After that, they treat it with epoxy resin. Then the cotton fibres get stretched. The workers make various types of clothes with these stretched cotton fibres.

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