What is IGTV Video

What is IGTV Video:

It is an app that you can use with Instagram. Through this, users can set up their channel and share even hour-long video content.

IGTV is a relatively new platform through which you create high-quality content appealing to your audience. Using hashtags on your IGTV video descriptions is a great way to get more people to find you and your content. To know more about What is IGTV Video then you must check their official resources because this simple term I we all know about What is IGTV Video is.

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The post briefly explained how you may buy IGTV video views to build Your Instagram TV audience faster, hack, and tips that will help you get over ten times the increase in video views for free of cost. So to know the key to this new Instagram feature, this post will be beneficial for you.

How to Post on IGTV:

As we have mentioned about What is IGTV Video is and the next step is When you go live on Instagram, make sure that you keep the video under 10 minutes. It will help you to get more engagement on instagram live views. This is key. If it’s longer, you won’t be able to post it to your IGTV channel. So, once alive is done, before posting it to your stories, save it to your camera roll. Then it would help if you hit the save button. You need to make sure that this is saved before you hit share. After sharing, it will be in your story for 24 hours.

Then you need to post it to your IGTV channel. After picking an appropriate picture for your IGTV video, you can include some text so that people feel compelled to click on it.

One of the reasons you should not put the text not at the top and not at the bottom is that once you post the image as a preview in the feed, it will cut off at the top third and the bottom third.  So it would help if you had it to hang around the middle third. So, if it looks good to you, go ahead, export that, save that to your photos, and then head on back to Instagram.

Now you will have the cover image ready and the about What is IGTV Video head on over to your IGTV channel and hit the plus button in the upper right corner.

And then, go ahead and find the live video that you already saved to your camera roll. Then hit next, then you can choose a thumbnail from the video. Then go ahead and write the title for this. You have an option to add a caption to your description, including a clickable link.

It is essential know What is IGTV Video as well as to optimize the title, description and also you can add a lot more information there. You can also add hashtags if you like.

The critical thing is the new feature post a preview, which says previous appears on your profile and feed. It is essential to make sure it is highlighted in blue. When you hit the post, it will show you a new IGTV video as it looks on your channel. But if you go to your feed and refresh, you will see a brand new post there. You can see your text visible there. You can see the IGTV icon in the upper right corner. Then your IGTV video is seen in your feed. When viewers click on this post to your feed, they will be able to see a preview of your brand new IGTV video. It will provide them with a 60-second preview.

So when the user chooses to watch it in IGTV mode, they need to hit the button shown on the screen.

You can check out your title because you can open it for more with the down arrow. A viewer might be compelled to hit that. Then you can add your caption and appear with a clickable link.

There is another hack if you don’t have 10k followers and want to share links in your stories. This is the way to do it.

So not only are you getting to share another link in a caption, but your brand new IGTV video will be getting way more views, not just from the life that’s in the stories, but you are going to get 10 times the views that your story video is going to get. Because it’s on your IGTV channel, and it’s being shown in your feed.

This new preview feature is hot on Instagram. If you go live and post videos to your IGTV channel, you will be able to get 10 times more than ordinary views.

What is IGTV Video & Tips To Get More Views on IGTV

1. Post at the Right Time:

What is IGTV Video. It is very similar to when you’re posting on your feed on your stories. You need to make sure that you’re posting at the peak time when your followers are on the platform. If you’re a business profile, you can check when you are peaking engagement times within your insights.

2. Post Quality Content on IGTV:

It is essential to post quality content tailored to IGTV. Quality content is a lot more likely to be shared, and this will help you get more views, likes, and even comments.

3. Good Thumbnail:

It would help if you had good intriguing thumbnails. When people check out their IGTV feed, you want to have a thumbnail that catches people’s attention and intrigues them, so they click on your video. Also, you need to add a quick side note over the video at 1080 by 1920.

The thumbnails are generally cut a little bit short. They are 1080 by maybe 1850. But you can make your custom thumbnails; you don’t have to pick it straight from somewhere else. So this makes it a lot easier to have a beautiful custom looking thumbnail in the IGTV feed.

4. Share a Story with a Call to Action:

You need to share a story with a call to action to go and watch your IGTV video. The swipe up feature used to be for people who only had over 10k followers to share links. But people with below 10k followers cannot have the swipe up quality but only share IGTV videos.

For example, you put a blog about your time in Lisbon and posted it on your Instagram story because you know you will get more people checking out your Instagram story with a call to action saying swipe up for an exclusive blog, which was edited for IGTV.

5. DM People Your IGTV Videos:

This one again is very straightforward, but a lot of people don’t do it. If you send IGTV videos from your first blog to a few people, you know they will appreciate it. You can also get their feedback because this was your first blog, which you edited in 1080 by 1920 format tailored for IGTV.

6. Share on Other Social Networks:

You can get more views on your IGTV videos by sharing them on other social networks. For all of your IGTV videos, you can tap the three dots, copy the link of that video, and then share it anywhere you desire.

7. Look at Your Insights:

If you want to get more views on IGTV videos, you need to look at your insights. IGTV is still very limited when it comes to an understanding, But you can still see an option to check the views, likes, and comments you get. It counts an idea as long as a person has watched at least 3 seconds with your video.

You also get the audience’s attention, and this is an excellent feature that you need to have on your Instagram videos. If you have content that’s doing a lot better than everything else, try making more of the same content.

8. What is IGTV Video Search

This one is a cool one that a lot of people don’t do. When it comes to IGTV search, you can only search by the user. This is a big problem because you can’t search by topic, but people still end up doing so. Therefore what exactly is required that you need to do is put a word of rate to your niche or topic in your name. For example, if you want to watch some slim videos and type a compact video, you will get many profiles who have done this technique and put their niche within their name.

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Is It Worth Buying IGTV Views?

What if you buy IGTV views? Buying means you are taking the help of paid marketing. If you take help, they will promote your profile, video and content. This is also an easy way to grow your IGTV video views fast and engage more reach.

You can do this, you will view the number increasing, and a similar thing happens for likes and comments. It would help if you did not always go with the buying option because you can engage more people on Instagram using natural ways.

Take Away:

So here I have mentioned What is IGTV Video and How To Get More Views On IGTV and how It helps the latest brand to reach out to its followers in the best possible manner. If you put in a reasonable effort, dedication, and determination, you will get more views for your IGTV video.

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