What Is the Best Method to Obtain a Pilot License?

Becoming a pilot is not an easy task for anyone. But if it is your dream then you will need to invest a major amount of your time and effort to achieve the same. You should be aware of the fact that each country has its own rules, regulations, costs, and training to become a pilot. Before you begin your journey, make sure you have crosschecked pilot training in India eligibility to see if you qualify for the same or not.

Regardless of the differences in the country’s rules, the overall process is similar when it comes to getting your private pilot license. It requires you to have proper education, a fixed amount of flight hours and you should also clear the exams that will ensure you are ready to get a license.

Pilot Training in India Eligibility


The first step is to make sure you are ready with the basic requirements to get a pilot license. Some of them include you to be older than eighteen. Another necessity includes you to have a firm grasp in English communication. This includes being able to write and communicate with others in English fluently.

If you believe you do not have either of them, then you should wait until you are eligible. Being fluent in English is a requirement that is common in all the countries these days regardless of whether you live in a country where the primary language is not English.


Once you have a pilot license, you will be going to fly multiple planes from one place to another. You might also be piloting an aircraft that will have a lot of other people in it. If you are not physically healthy, you risk putting all those people in danger as well. This is why it’s necessary that you pass a medical examination as well.

Though it’s different in most of the countries, in general, there are multiple types of medical examination that come with their own privileges. In India, there are three types, classes 1,2, and 3. To get a student pilot license you will need to get a class 2 medical certificate.

Getting your medical examination cleared early on will also help you save money if you find out that you are not fit to fly. For example, assume that you didn’t get a medical certificate in the beginning.

You started your flight training and paid for the classes. Once your classes were finished, you decided to get your medical certificate. But you found that you are not medically fit at the moment to get eligible for the examination.

All the money you spent on the classes are now wasted since you are not eligible anymore, there was no point in getting all those training classes. This is why get your medical examination cleared before you start spending money on training courses. Once you have cleared the medical exam, you can begin your training without any worries.

Best Pilot Training Institute in India

Create a schedule

You cannot get your license in a week or a month. You will need a lot of time, probably more than six months in general. It is vital that you create a proper schedule and make time for your preparations.

Dedicate a day a week to attend these classes to improve your skills and increase your flying hours. Without a plan you will end up spending more time getting your training then you might have thought initially.


Once you have all these things cleared, choose the Best pilot training institute in India and get ready to train hard and get your license.

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