What to do Cellphones are Causing Cancer

Technology has advanced to our heart and we cannot breathe without them, means, we can’t even spend a single day without them but recently study has found that your cellphones might be big reason for your brain tumors or some health issues. Cellphones are Causing Cancer, read review.

This article will help you only if you really want to stay away from the radio-frequency emissions from your phone and this might cause cancer, but don’t worry sit back and relax you can keep yourself safe.

You can cover yourself with aluminum foil, oh that would a funniest protecting method, so don’t even think to try it. Let us see some better options-

Cellphones are Causing Cancer, Is It True?

Instead there are many radiation blocking cases are available and you can use them because if you use cellphone with you every day then you are risking your life with very low amount of radiations. And you can search for manufacturers like RF Safe or Pong provides radiation protecting covers for most of the smart phones.

There are many apps which can help you to detect emission rate from your cell phone, one is TAWKON which gets you updated with spiking emission of radiation and you can put your phone down.

Another best way to protect yourself is to keep your phone away from your face.

Yes, the more you keep your phone away from your face more you avoid the risk of radiation affecting your brain. And to keep this you can use headphone to speak over the phone, Bluetooth earpiece can be an alternative, and when on the call you can keep your phone in the purse or bag.

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