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Why HDTVs are the way to go

by Kashmireeseo

Since stations were required to broadcast high-definition TV signals, televisions that can pick up these signals have been popular. High-definition televisions provide viewers with clearer images, better and sharper surround sound technology, and most importantly, images that have higher resolutions. This article looks at why HDTVs are the way to go.

Why HDTVs?

  1. Higher image resolution

Televisions that can capture and transmit HD signals offer a much higher image resolution than most televisions that use digital technology and not high definition. This results in sharper image quality if you have an HDTV.

  1. Increased aspect ratio

Currently available digital TVs have an aspect ratio of 4: 3, while the aspect ratio for HDTVs is much higher, approximately 16: 9. An aspect ratio is the height and width of the screen.

This means that a 4: 3 ratio features a four-foot-wide, 3-foot-tall screen, and the same for a 16: 9 aspect ratio found on HDTV. This superior aspect ratio on HDTVs means these TVs have a much sharper and clearer picture quality than digital TVs.

  1. Surround sound – Dolby A3 Digital

Dolby A3 digital surround sound is featured on these televisions and is the standard on most HDTVs. This means that HDTVs offer independent channels (5.1) of surround stereo sound that is of compact disc quality, often referred to as AC-3.

  1. Decreased movement artifacts

Motion artifacts, some of which are dot and ghost squiggles present on less technologically advanced TVs, are reduced on HD TVs, making HDTVs a delight to most, if not all, of those with these Staff Messaging.

Additional Considerations Purchase of HDTV

  1. Prospective buyers should pay attention to the input and output jacks on HDTVs, which must be compatible with other equipment that connects to the television, such as DVD players, game consoles, cable connections, etc.
  2. The compatibility of HD tuner with HDTV is crucial. Verify compatibility with the cable or satellite service used prior to purchase.
  3. Will the buyer need an external antenna for any off-air transmission? Check first to make sure HD TV can receive broadcasts off the air. If HDTV cannot easily receive these off-air transmissions, the buyer may need to use their own external antenna.

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