Wireless Phone Chargers Market

Wireless Phone Chargers Market- Revolutionizing The Digital World 

As per the MRFR analysis report, the global market for wireless phone chargers is anticipated to acquire a size of over USD 3.5 billion by the end of 2028.

The report further predicts the market to thrive at a healthy CAGR of over 4.2% during the review timeframe from 2021 to 2028. 

Wireless charging has been in use over the past decade now. But it was in 2017 till this cord-free capability hit the mainstream when Apple introduced the iPhone X.

The concept itself goes back to the mid-1800s when physicist Michael Faraday and inventor Nikola Tesla proved the theory that it is possible to transfer energy through electromagnetic induction.

The magnetic resonant coupling, discovered by Nikola Tesla, allows the energy to be transferred through the air using two circuits ̶ a transmitter and a receiver.

At present, the technology is accessible to nearly everyone, in the office, at home, and on the go, in daily applications, from laptops and smartphones to kitchen appliances and beyond.

Almost all the leading smartphones in the market support wireless charging in some capacity. As the world leads toward going wireless, the technology will likely evolve rapidly over the coming years. 

How Is Wireless Phone Charging Defined?

Wireless phone charging allows user to charge their smartphone without a plug and cable.

The majority of wireless charging devices come as a special surface or pad on which user places phone to get charged. Most of the latest smartphones come with an in-built charging receiver, whereas others require a separate receiver or adapter to be compatible.

A smartphone compatible with wireless charging comes with a receiver induction coil made up of copper. The wireless charger comes with a transmitter coil also made of copper.

Once the phone is put on the charger, the transmitter coil begins to generate an electromagnetic field, which the receiver transforms into electricity used to charge the phone’s battery. The procedure is called electromagnetic induction.

Owing to the small size of the copper coil in transmitter and receiver, the resulting electromagnetic field can only charge the phone placed at a very short distance. 

Pros And Cons Of Wireless Phone Charging

As technology evolves every day, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages associated with it. Here’s the list of pros and cons coupled with wireless phone charging:


  • Convenience

The first advantage of wireless charging is that dealing with cables and cords is eliminated completely.

It loses the need for nasty cords and makes it much easier by simply allowing you to put your phone at the charging station. With wireless charging technology, charging all the phones simultaneously is possible. 

  • Integration

One of the most important advantages of some wireless chargers is that they can incorporate with all kinds of phones regardless of the size or shape of their charging socket. And also, some other devices can be charged using the wireless charger.

  • Multiple Device Charging

Nowadays, we have a number of smartphones present in the same room. Generally, most smartphones tend to have the same chargers; but when it comes to Android and Apple phones, there can be a difference. Wireless charging can let charge multiple phones charge at the same time. It can substantially reduce the number of cables and cords at the workplace and home. 


Although wireless charging has its advantages, we know that it still can not be perfect. The technology comes with disadvantages that must be known to users before they opt for it.

  • Performance

One of the primary reasons this technology is noy totally incorporated is that it is still short of efficiency compared to the conventional chargers. Some wireless chargers just cannot reach the level of efficiency as conventional methods that can reduce the charging speed. In addition, the heat produced in some wireless chargers is more than the traditional methods. 

  • Mobility

Obviously, the charging can not totally be wireless as it still requires the charging station to be plugged into a wall. Only the signals being transferred between charger and phone are wireless, causing charging stations to be non-portable. Furthermore, you must always keep the device on the pad and cannot move it in order for it to be charged. Thus making it difficult to use your phone while being charged. 

  • Compatibility

Even though the same charging station can be used for multiple devices, some users have experienced some problems with it. People have registered complaints about charging different devices. There have also been compatibility problems with certain smartphones not being enticed to pull power from the power station.

The wireless phone charging technology is taking the market by storm. With a growing number of innovations and R&D activities being conducted worldwide, the market has experienced massive growth in the number of product launches.

In addition, the incorporation of this technology into several application areas is anticipated to open lucrative opportunities for the market players.

For example, True Blue Power, a leading player concentrated on the tailored design and production of innovative power solutions for aviation applications, in March 2022, has announced the addition of FAA-certified wireless chargers to the firm’s electrical power solutions portfolio.

The TWC15 Series Wireless Chargers are Qi-compatible and offer up to 15 watts of power to personal electronics, wireless earbuds, and smartphones.

The latest product line is available in three easy-to-install configurations and is suitable for use in the cockpit and cabin. 

Owing to the lucrative nature of the market, it has witnessed a significant surge in the number of new entrants in the last few years. For instance, an online store well-known to provide customers with quality and cost-effective products, New Age Luxe, in March 2022, has announced that it has added a new line of wireless chargers to its platform.

The platform is always known to keep up with the latest trends and serve the latest products that customers need at the best price possible.

Since its launch, the platform has built a reputation to bet up big brands in terms of product prices. The latest product line of wireless chargers is below USD20, demonstrating New Age Luxe’s dedication to keeping prices low.


At present, the wireless charging technology is not perfect, but it is evolving every day to get there. Various companies are struggling to defeat these drawbacks to develop the best possible charging solutions to serve consumers worldwide.

With rapid technological evolutions in the field, the global market is set to welcome advanced solutions real soon. 

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