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In the midst of a decade of digital transformation, online recruitment software is becoming more and more popular in the area of ​​human resources. Whether you like it or not, the digital transformation in which we live is to facilitate the processes of many work areas, as well as our personal lives. 

While many senior directors or managers are reluctant to change, preferring to opt for traditional recruiting techniques. They are already beginning to believe and, more than anything, realize the reality, the time, and cost savings that this adaptation to the digital world means.

Why include online recruitment software in companies?

  • Massive assessments simultaneously

While in previous years the recruitment could last for months in just the selection of resumes. Today online recruitment software allows us to evaluate many candidates simultaneously. This mainly means a considerable saving of time and also allows the company to expand its selection options.

  • Online tests

Usually, the technical test is the first step the candidate goes through when called to the company. Using the traditional modality, the candidate appears at the company and fills out the corresponding forms with their primary data and the technical test. 

Days later, after analyzing your test, the company sends a positive or negative answer to move on to the next step. This entire process is saved with the online metric test since the software automatically selects the most suitable candidates according to the predetermined results.

  • Accelerating results with online recruitment

Companies are allowed to opportunely discriminate against candidates who do not have the required profile through a previously automated process, reducing process costs. In addition to having the reports available immediately, reducing the minimum deadlines.

According to statistics, recruitment technology significantly improves process performance, with 81% of respondents saying it’s constructive in quickly finding top talent.

But there are more valuable advantages that you should know about. Take note.

1. AI in process management

Recruitment software can automate much of the workflow associated with recruiting, such as resume reading, mass testing, and candidate screening and scoring. This results in significant savings in time, effort and resources.

In this regard, you should bear in mind that around 61% of those responsible for the selection process indicate that finding the right talent is the greatest challenge. In that sense, artificial intelligence can be an effective solution.

2. Greater precision in decision making

The software for online recruitment and selection allows you to apply highly predictable evaluations to measure the following aspects in applicants accurately:

  • Intellectual skills.
  • Labor competencies.
  • Personality and behavior.
  • Skills and abilities.

And the list goes on; that way, you can choose the ideal candidate without the influence of subjective factors or selection bias.

In this regard, evaluations based on neuroscience are valuable, helping you measure accurate decisions and natural and spontaneous behaviors. The results accurately predict the future performance of the candidates.

3. Centralization of information

In managing selection and recruitment processes, you move a lot of essential data. By centralizing it in one place, you not only protect it, but you manage all stages of the procedure faster and collaborate more effectively with your team.

4. Effective tracking

You can set performance indicators to continuously monitor and evaluate the results to implement new strategies and apply the necessary measures in time to improve the selection process.

5. Effective communication

Finally, the software offers the possibility to communicate individually and massively with the candidates, to advance faster and improve the overall experience of the process. The best of all is that high-quality systems are within reach of any company under the “software as a service” modality. 

When it comes to hiring the ideal candidate for the required position, online recruitment software is increasingly used by companies, emphasizing that today it is the main modality used by HR departments.

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You can consult for the plan that best suits the company’s needs and, if one interests you, request the demo today so that the organization discovers the advantages of having software that works as you command.

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