11 effective content hacks to boost your app conversions

If you are running a WordPress blogging website, you must know that content is the key to success. And, it works the same when you are thinking of building an app to increase the readership of your blog.

Many mobile app builders are ruling the landscape of the app industry. But, building an app using theAppMySite WordPress mobile app builder helps you get ample benefits like promoting your content to increasing conversions.

While writing content is an art, blog writing is nothing similar to writing fiction. To achieve better results, you must know the right way of crafting blogs and posts, so they help you draw in more customers.

If you are looking for higher conversion rates, you will need to work on the content of your app. Here are some of the best hacks to get the most from your content:

1. Think about your language

The kind of content that can bind your customers to read on your app is hard to sell. You will need to adopt ‘buy it now’ style of writing.

Customers sometimes feel pressure when they want to decide there and then, when it comes to reading online. This creates negative feelings towards your blogs and articles, and it is more likely that it will turn off your prospective readers rather than drawing them in.

With that in mind, try to adopt a friendlier and more relaxed tone in your content copies. The better your content, the more you’ll be trusted by readers. This will simply help you to capture more readers.

2. Create engaging headlines

Your blog headline is an essential part of your content.

It is the first thing that your readers will see that encourages them to click through and read. Therefore, you need to work on your blog/article headlines.

The most popular headline writing techniques include headlines that ask questions, such as – do you know what is really driving consumers to supermarket shopping?

You can even try opting lists (of any of the topics) that makes your title, like – 9 ways you can improve your diet without even realizing it.

If you are unsure whether your headline is engaging, or not, try using Headline Analyzer. With this analyzer, you will have a thorough breakdown of how it shapes up.

3. Postconsistently

Your blogs should be continually posted in the app. This is the only way to bring your readers to the app.

Putting up regular new and updated blog/article posts will help you boost your conversion rates. However, you do not have to post every day or even every week. You just need to be consistent.

Creating excellent blogs will give your readers something to think about and spin the wheel around your app.

4. Get to the point

Once your reader comes in by seeing your content headline and is now on your app, get straight to the point.

Make sure you are delivering the content in the very first line of the post on the promise of your headline. If your reader does not see what they came for, they will just click it away.

Write your blog’s first sentence as your abstract, or declaration of what that post is all about. The rest of the post should be designed to flesh out your argument and give readers the real meat they are looking for.

5. Use images with your text

Blogs posting is just not all about using text. Large blocks of text make your readers feel exhausted before even reading through. Therefore, you should break up your text with images to keep the readers interested.

Try adding infographics that complement your text. The text of the body should look great, and impart a lot of information in an easy to digest way. This will help illustrate your point nicely.

Including photos in your text simply improves your app conversion. This is because it gives the readers the impression that you are friendly and approachable as a company.

6. Set a word count

Long posts are better, but not always. Just think about the average attention span of your reader. If you are unable to grab their attention instantly, they will simply go read elsewhere. This is even true for social media. Social media users just scroll away from the post if it is too long to read.

Writing shorter posts that have more relevant content is the perfect way to stop your readers, for long. You just need to set a word count once you are ready to write a blog or article.

7. Use formatting to your advantage

It is always a good idea to break up the text as much as you can. Putting up pictures in between the text makes it much more readable. This way, your readers will likely read your text till the end.

Formatting of a blog/article is necessary to increase readership. You can use bullet points to create lists, and subheadings to introduce new points. Highlighting the most important facts and keeping your sentences short will get the most out of your writing.

8. Check your grammar

Poor grammar has blasted many companies’ reputations.

The points you have covered could be highly useful, but if your readers fail to comprehend what is being said, then there is no point in posting it.

Using proper grammar in the posts reflects how professional and reliable you are. Therefore, you must get it right.

There is plenty of help online, though, to get you started. You can get a lot of helpful tips. Therefore, always take advantage of your tools and resources.

9. Create and use a style guide

Most websites have style guides they use when they are posting their content. These guides are designed in a way that every piece of content they create follows the same pattern. This will create work more consistently. While these style guides differ from company to company, they often include elements such as the size and font of the text, the images, and the grammatical style of the content.

You can put your own style guide and think about how you want your blog posts to look like. If your content is always consistent, you will appear much more professional to your customers.

10. Never skip proofreading

Proofreading the content is arguably the most important step.

No matter how good a blog post is, and how thoughtful the content is, it will fall if there are spelling or grammatical mistakes in the post. That’s why it is important to proofread your content before uploading it to the app.

Invest some time to look for the errors that may have occurred. Try to edit all the errors before you publish the piece of your content.

11. Include a relevantcall-to-action

Many bloggers fail when they do not include proper call-to-action in their text.

If your readers reach the end of your post and do not know what to do next, you will simply lose the business. Make sure you include a compelling call-to-action that makes it clear what they will need to do ahead.

The best way is to place a button at the end of the text, which tells the reader what to do next. Avoid using words like ‘submit’ or ‘next.’ Do not include anything that is out of context. Use phrases like ‘Start writing my resume’ or ‘Buy your ingredients in here,’ that says what readers need to do next.

Wrapping up

While there is a lot of information to take in here, the above-listed tips will help you create much more engaging, exciting and useful content. Give them a try and you will see the changes for yourself.Let us know in comments – which strategy you have used to increase your app conversions.

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