Best Practice To Wear A Statement Jewelry: Frisco Jeweler

Frisco Jeweler Zameer Lokhandwala’s statement jewelry designs comprising statement necklaces and earrings always add some drama to your outfit. But to look magnificent with statement jewelry, you must know the best practices that make your jewelry and outfit perfect.

In case you are wearing a statement necklace, statement earring, or statement necklace design then you will look great even with boring outfits. Such types of jewelry sets will definitely help you stand out as they are unique and attractive to the crowd. 

To make your statement jewelry and outfit perfect, keep reading this post till the end. You can approach mixing and matching techniques and other ways as well. Let’s move forward to discuss the best practice to wear statement jewelry.

Outfits That Fit Best With Statement Jewelry

Pairing statement jewelry with the outfit is always a great idea to look attractive. You can choose simple clothing so that the accessories can glam and be the center point. However, you can wear a dress that suits well with the occasion to add a flair to your personality.

Try Statement Jewelry With Dressing Up And Down

Wearing casual cloth with statement jewelry often works well. You can pair a statement necklace or a bold cocktail ring with the plain shirts and jeans that will give the best look of your personality.Or, wear a formal outfit or dressy outfit as they also work great. Try this combination with a little black dress and an eye-catching necklace for better results.

Wear Statement Earrings

If you are wearing a statement earring with statement pieces then the earring will be definitely in the center of attraction, Frisco jeweler Zameer Lokhandwala. Or you can choose subtle bracelets or rings to look unique and beautiful.

Don’t Forget To Include Statement Rings

Cocktail rings will work best as statement rings. You can go with bigger and bolder cocktail rings to add uniqueness. Apart from that you can consider wearing a series of contrasting cocktail rings to add glamour to your look.

Check Out Our Collections Of Statement Jewelry

At Frisco Jeweler Zameer Lokhandwala’s shop, you will find several designs of statement jewelry that are made with perfect precious metals. All the designs are not so bold and will have delightful details to add some drama to the outfit.


In short, this read concludes with information about how to wear a piece of statement jewelry. A statement necklace, earrings, and ring will be the perfect jewelry combination whether you are wearing it with a simple, formal, or casual outfit. Now, you are ready to glam on your special occasion with the help of the ideas that are mentioned above.

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