What You Need to Know About Virtual Try-on Glasses?

Despite the massive surge in popularity of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores have not completely lost their relevance because of one simple reason… physical stores allow shoppers to try on the products before they make a final purchasing decision. For example, you can buy your favorite brand of shampoo online, but for clothes, you would definitely like to try them in person. However, as the preference for online shopping grows by leaps and bounds, firms are looking for newer and more innovative ways to offer a holistic customer experience on their digital channels as well.

This is where the VR technology is making its presence increasingly felt. Virtual try-on technology makes it possible to try on almost anything without actually coming in contact with the product in just a few seconds. You can try online a myriad number of products ranging from makeup, jewelry, and glasses to clothes and shoes.

In the following paragraphs, we shall take a look into the benefits of virtual try-on, and how it can offer a win-win situation for both brands and customers. We shall also see how a top-rated provider of virtual try-on solutions can tailor or customize virtual try-on to the specific goals and needs of each client.

What is a Virtual try-on Feature for Glasses?

Virtual try-on glasses fall under the category of extended reality. Virtual glasses allow customers to visualize the product without actually touching the product either through smartphones or laptops. Virtual try on glasses offers a chance to present the product as realistically as possible.

Important Components of Virtual Try-On Glasses

  1. The detection of the face or eye utilizes computer vision to detect various landmarks or pixels on the user.
  2. Most of all virtual try-on reconstruct the eye using 3D, while few others may opt for 2D image/video/camera feed.
  3. For most VTO solutions today, a digital replica is created beforehand, and then digital image is superimposed.

Virtual Try-on in Practice

The ability to virtually try makeup, glasses, or jewelry is really catching up with industries operating in fashion, eyewear, cosmetics and lifestyle industries. A few clicks of the mouse and the customer is aware of how the product is going to look on them. They can then proceed to buy the product with assurance and confidence as quality face tracking allows them to get a realistic picture in real-time. In other words, it is try before you buy.

Oriflame has developed an award-winning virtual makeup app known as Oriflame Makeup Wizard app that offers the ultimate, virtual try-before-you buy experience. Customers for all those fun make-up looks can virtually apply lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, blush, and eyeliner, and get a real-time view of how the concerned product will look on them. This means they will no longer suffer from the fear of buying the wrong products despite spending so much money. Customers can create ready-made looks and be the master of their own creation without the need to visit a physical store, establish communicating with salespeople or feel pressurized to purchase the product on the spot even if they are not 100% convinced about the shades.

Virtual try-on technology is increasingly being applied in hair salons as well. Piiq Digital used smart mirrors to help clients see how a particular color would look on their hair before they give the green signal. Clients can try out different hair colors, and choose confidently without the fear of wrong option messing up the entire coloring option. For hair professionals, it’s a useful tool as it allows them to comply fully with the clients’ wishes.


Virtual try-on technology is not limited to makeup, clothing or accessories industry. The technology can show before the likely outcome of various aesthetic interventions such as dental implants and cosmetics surgery.

3D Virtual Try-on Apps can allow customers to try on products without the need for stepping out of their home. They can shop with confidence, and the brands can cash on this trend offering them technology to try before they buy.

A top-level virtual try on solutions provider can offer technology to help customers try-on everything ranging from makeup, glasses, colored contact lenses, jewelry, and headphones to name a few. A fully customized approach offered by a top firm can help your business generate more sales through better brand awareness.

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