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How Can Instagram Stories Benefit Businesses – Findings of Top Brands

More than 500 million people are connecting daily with Instagram. Moreover, Instagram launched stories to keep the viewers, users, friends, families to be more interesting. On the other hand, most of the business people like to share their products through Instagram stories. It offers an excellent platform for business people. Many businesses buy Instagram story views to  increase the views for their product videos that they post to their stories.

  • Key finds from the analyzes of famous brands of Instagram stories.
  • Benchmark is researched for specific verticals in Instagram stories.
  • Time for posting the stories.

Key findings  from the analysis of famous brands who used Instagram stories

Delmondo is an Instagram and Facebook media problem-solving partner, and they are the first to launch Instagram story analytics in the year of 2017 during the summer.

In the earlier month of 2019, we approached their team to find how are Instagram stories preferring for businesses or brands?

The following steps are,

  1. The optimal posting length of an Instagram story is one to seven.
  2. The right time to post stories is early morning or night time, which means unworking hours.

The optimal posting length for an Instagram story is one to seven

While posting more videos the story is welcomed by many business people. But, others experienced the opposite result about the optimal length. Due to the optimal range, the completion rate is decreased for many people. Completion rate, which means the number of times the viewers viewed the stories from the starting to the ending, is called completion rate. Benchmark is researched for specific verticals in Instagram stories. Specific verticals are found by using certain kinds:

  • Sports
  • Media
  • brand

And here let us see the benchmarks which are examined from industries,

  • Calculating the average of reach, impression, and followers rate.
  • Count the number of stories posted per month.
  • Measure the rate of completion and story length.

Best time for posting the stories

Posting the videos or photos on the right will give more engagement and reach for your accounts. Some steps are behind these. They are,

  1. Post the engaging content, if you failed to post the engaging content, then the attention of the viewers will be decreased. They used to exit from your stories, and they did not like to visit again.
  2. Try to post the stories by adding images, videos, and edit the content by using stickers, background colors, music.
  3. Analyze your data for your Instagram stories to know about your positivity and negativity.