In the world of formal offices, watches are considered a necessary accessory, highlighting your professionalism and reliability. Perfect Office Watch for Men– Much like a tie, a watch helps accentuate your office outfit, making you look brighter and sharper. Nothing more can set you apart than the timepiece that sits on your wrist.

But selecting the right watch for work isn’t always easy. Miss the mark, and you could be a part of the water-cooler conversations.

Here are some tips to be the boss of watches for work!

Neutral Colours | Review

The first step in finding the perfect watch for work is to get the colors right. Bright reds and blues are a strict no-no. Opt for dark neutrals such as black, deep brown, grey, or navy blue instead. 

Whichever shade you pick, be aware that it complements your work outfit and does not draw undue attention.

Patek Philippe has some of the best work watches available in neutral colors.

Simple Straps

While the watch is an accessory that can accentuate your style, don’t overlook that bulky and flashy straps aren’t the right choice.

When it comes to watches for the office, a classic strap will work perfectly well. A metal or leather strap is a safe bet that will blend in with your work outfit and add depth to it.

Minimalist Style

You don’t want to go overboard with the visual aesthetics of your watch. Your work watch may have chronograph subdials, but avoid jewels. A minimalist and clean watch face is the right way to go.

However, it’s okay to add a little bit of personality. Maybe add a hint of vintage for that little bit of extra oomph. Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar watches are perfect examples.

Size Matters

You may be someone who likes big dials, but if your wrist is slender, a big dial watch will only stand out like a sore thumb. Chunky frames are also not an option.

Picking the right size watch not only hits the right spot, but it also goes to show that you’re confident of yourself and know what you want.

Tone It Down

Gold can be a flashy metal that doesn’t blend well with work neutrals. A few decades ago, it may have been a style statement. But today, toning it down and keeping it simple is the name of the game.

Go for a contemporary chic look and stay away from an all-gold, over-the-top watch. A gold rim or numbering works to get that office style right. But an all-gold watch will overpower your formal outfit.

Use these tips for selecting your next formal watch and stand out in style. Perfect Office Watch for Men

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