How to upgrade to Windows 11?

If you want to upgrade your laptop or pc to Windows 11 then this article is for you.

It will not be available to all users instantly, so if you are in hurry to upgrade, well you should check this out.

Why wait?

Right, why wait when you can download Windows 11 and install into your system right now.

Now, you may have some questions in your mind, like will I get an invite to upgrade to windows 11 or any popup?

Well, no.

It will not be like the previous windows 10 upgrade, and if your device is not compatible then you will not get any invite too. So, what to do ‘I want to upgrade my device to windows 11 now?‘.

Please follow these steps –

  • You can check to see if it’s arrived at your machine by going to
  • “Settings”
  • “Windows Update”
  • I haven’t got the upgrade option yet? Oops
    don’t worry
  • Check health of your system here
  • If your machine qualifies for the upgrade, follow these steps-

This is How to upgrade to Windows 11?

  • Visit to the Windows 11 software download Link.
  • If you want to do it the easy way, use the Windows 11 Installation Assistant; just click “Download Now” and go as the instructions says.
  • Okay, you can also create a bootable USB or DVD by selectingCreate Windows 11 Installation Media.”
  • And at the end, you can download a disk image (ISO) for either bootable media or a virtual machine install.

Follow the steps, and you should be good for an instant install of Windows 11.

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