natural life laws

Is technology disturbing the regular life laws?

To know whether the technology is disturbing the natural life laws or not at first hand, we have to understand the laws that implement in our regular life. It is supposed true by most of the philosophers as we can take John Locke that man’s mind is blank like a white paper when he is born at that time he knows nothing about anything. But as time goes by, he learns from the experience which is obtained by practical contact and observation. Though men have that instinct in his mind and the values that govern our reasoning and behaviour. He does know the rules of right and wrong. Taking the regular laws as the laws of education, earning, privacy, the matter of opinion, are among the common laws in our ordinary life. Here in this very segment, we will be discussing how technology is disturbing the regular life laws.


Education is the fundamental right of everyone, no matter who he is unless he is human; he would have this right. In most of the states, its legislature brings out the law that a particular person in that applicable state would carry that education in whatever direction its legislatures bring out. But an introduction to the technology is standard in today’s world as most of the institutions are practising the technique in their classes. By using the technology in the form of digital pads, notebooks, and tablets are destroying the rationality of the students. Their analytical skills are opposed. They are liable to suffer from cheating which is pretty sure regrettable and unpleasant as well.


It is the natural order of men that he has to do some work to get the money which is considered the most crucial factor in any communist society. He can earn money. However, he wants in a community and the way its laws allow him to do so. But the software and algorithms given by the technology are disturbing the natural life laws of employment. As Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, robotics is a great threat towards humanity. As the software and algorithm can handle digital banking, depositing a check, online money lending and transfer, digital tokens managing investments, digital banking, payment and investments, generally without the assistance of a person. But still, there are legal societies amongst them  

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Cyber bullying/ cyber harassment/online bullying

Online bullying is the worst form of technology as the youth is being targeted. Recent studies have shown that about 20 percent of adolescents are suffering from stress-related conditions and are psychiatric. They target disconnection of thoughts, feelings, memories, and surroundings. That’s why they said cyber harassment is the worst form of technology as its primary target is our younger generation. Its reason is how people share their whereabouts, pictures, daily activities etc. There are specialists, and an obstinate and peremptory request has been on found Cardiff solicitors. Where as solicitors in London are responding to online fraud, abusive texts, emails, social media forums with the very same technology.

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