Every detail you need to know about Jaguar e-pace SUV is here. 

Actually this launch is the part of a campaign by British car maker to expand its SUV series, and to continue the trend of its best selling car. F-Pace SUV by Jaguar was among the top 10 best sellers category, so that’s why the company wants E-pace to do even better in the market.

So, it is nothing but a litter SUV by Jaguar

Size & dimensions of Jaguar E-Pace SUV

It is believed that the car is built on the platform of Range rover Evoque, and has the similar dimensions.

  • 4,395mm long
  • 1,984mm wide, and slightly larger than the 4,370mm x 1,900mm Evoque

Wheel base is 2681mm, so it allows comfort seats for 5 with generous rear legroom.

Jaguar e- pace SUV
Jaguar e- pace SUV

Boot Space

E-pace has better boot space than Evoque, 577litre with rear seats and the folding the back seats will give you a different story, Jaguar e-Pace SUV, has 1234 litres, as compared to Evoque which has 1445 litres.

According to Jaguar this car would have widest load space and can accommodate a folded push chair, five -six flight suitcase, complete set of golf club sideways.

Speed of E- pace SUV

There would be three versions 2-litre diesel, giving 148bhp, 177bhp, and 237bhp, and two versions of petrol, with 296bhp. Acceleration time range from 10.7 s for 148bhp diesel with four wheel drive to 6.4 s for 296bhp petrol.

Top speed is 151mph.

Good news!

All e-pace are with Jaguar Drive control, this will allow drivers to switch between Normal, Dynamic, Ice & snow, Eco and Rain.

Check, How Fuel- efficient is Jaguar E- Pace SUV?

Diesel variant scores well in case of fuel- efficiency, front wheel drive offers 60mpg but this drops to 53mpg when all four wheels are used. And if you add an automatic gear box, this number drops even further to 50mpg.

Petrol engines doesn’t score so well: it manages only 36mpg or near to it.

Price of E- pace Jaguar SUV

Pace will cost £160-£500 for the diesels and £800 for either petrol model.

With prices starting at £28,500, E-Paces will fall into this range, but the top-spec cars and those with lots of options will go beyond price barrier and incur an extra £310 a year for five years.

E-pace Jaguar SUV
Prices start at £28,500 for the D150 manual in front-wheel-drive configuration. Four-wheel drive takes the price up to £30,040, or £31,800 with an automatic gearbox.
The next variant in the range is the D180, which is only available with four-wheel drive. The manual costs £30,790, and the auto £32,550. The flagship diesel is the D240, which is four-wheel-drive and automatic and costs £40,850.
The entry-level petrol version is currently the P250 AWD automatic, at £35,160. The P300 AWD auto is £45,660.

And this car is good both on road & off road, and it can tow up to 1,850Kg.


E-pace Jaguar SUV has passed all global safety standards, has safety tech like stereo camera in case of emergency brakes, lane keeping mode, traffic sign recognition, and getting speed limit adaptation.



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