Mold Remediation In Five Steps

Mold is a problem most reported by homeowners in environmental remediation. Mold is a parasite that easily finds its way to your home if enough water and oxygen is present, it will eat through the material it is growing on and will keep on expanding the longer it is neglected, which is why it is always recommended to act as quickly as possible when you see signs of mold in your house. Mold removal services in Atlanta go through the following steps to rid your house of mold completely.

Assessing The Problem

Assessing your entire house or at least the area where there are prominent signs of mold is an important step, to begin with as it gives you a much clearer picture of what you are dealing with. Mold is a silent parasite that will have its roots much deeper into the drywall, tiles, fabrics, or wood than you can visibly sight.

A professional digs deep into the problem and finds the entire area of contamination, and also looks out for the nearest source of water because where there is mold, there is water.

Cutting Of The Source

The source of mold growth is always moisture, so if you see mold growing in a corner or on the ceiling it is a sign for a potential leak somewhere near. It may be because of a weak ceiling that is allowing for water to seep through or it can be a burst pipe anywhere in the surroundings.

Taking care of the water problem is necessary because any remediation that you do of the mold will not affect, it will keep on growing back again and again as it has a food source and water. finding the leak and sealing it makes you ready for the removal of mold.

Mold Remediation

Once you have a clear picture of the affected area and have cut off the source of water from the area, you are good to go to remove the mold. Mold expands by sending its spores through the air for reproduction that will latch on to any area with moisture and start thriving.

It is because of this reason that the area needs to be entirely sealed off before you can begin removing the mold. A sealed area will prevent the mold from spreading over to other parts of your house and reproducing.


The ventilation from open windows and doors is never enough to dry out the wet drywall or ceilings, which is why a professional mold removal company always puts to use industrial-grade fans to completely dry the affected area.

Drying is also important because if you leave the area damp, it is very likely for the mold to grow back as it takes a very short time to thrive, and it won’t be long before you will find yourself in need for a mold remediation service again.


Although it is not a mandatory step in every mold removal, it is still a highly recommended one to keep your house safe from the growth of mold even when you might have water leaks in the future. The drying up and cutting off of the source of water is usually good enough but you may never know when another place might develop a leak and you will have a problem at your hand again.

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Mold is a dangerous growth in your house, apart from being an unsightly corner it poses some serious risks to yours and your family’s health. You need a professional water damage mitigation company or mold removal services to take care of the mold growth in your house as it produces many allergens that can be risky for the respiratory system. A professional wear the necessary safety equipment while operating on the removal of mold to ensure the safety of everyone around.

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