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Meta: MP4 files are the most popular video file formats, which can be easily repaired if corrupted. This post will present you with ways to repair MP4 files.

MP4 is the most used video format nowadays because it is well-compressed and supported by most video players.

However, like other files and formats, MP4 files can become corrupted, which can be a big problem if you don’t have a backup.

But don’t panic; file corruption is easily repaired with the correct tools and software in a matter of minutes.

This post will show techniques for regaining access to the contents of the MP4 file and effectively repairing it.

But before we get to the methods, let’s learn why files and, most importantly, MP4 files get corrupted.

How and why do MP4 files get corrupted?

MP4, or MPEG-4 Part 14, is a multimedia content container widely used to store video and audio. It also supports Internet streaming. 

The MP4 and MOV formats employ the same MPEG-4 codec; therefore, you may use them in the QuickTime environment.

However, MP4 is more common and widely used than MOV since you can play it on various devices other than MACs. These include Linux, Windows, and a variety of mobile devices. Moreover, most video-related apps and media players support MP4 video files.

Below are some of the situations in which your MP4 file can get corrupted:

  • The camera shuts down unexpectedly
  • Incorrect video format conversion
  • An unstable internet connection
  • Incomplete Download or transfer of media 
  • Data reading or writing error
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • The usage of unreliable video editors
  • Virus or malware infections
  • Changing Video headers

No matter the corruption cause, you can fix MP4 files via different repair methods.

How can I repair a corrupted video or MP4 file?

  1. Use Stellar Repair for Video

Although digital video in MP4 format is of great quality and is substantially compressed, we frequently encounter corrupted video or MP4 files. Some issues include that the audio is sometimes audible, but the video is not visible, or that the audio and video are sometimes desynchronized. Your first choice in situations like this should be the Stellar Repair for Video software.

It restores videos damaged or corrupted by the causes mentioned above.

Due to its compatibility with common video file formats, camera brands, storage media, and the capacity to fix all sorts of problems, the software is the best digital video restoration solution to repair MP4 files.

This MP4 repair tool fixes various video-related issues that make them unwatchable, choppy, jerky, grainy, frozen, fuzzy, and out of sync. Additionally, the user can start the repair process without any assistance from a specialist. That’s just how easy it is.

  • Download and install Stellar Repair for Video from the official website.
  • Launch Stellar Repair for Video software and click on Add file.
  • Here you can select the video you want to be repaired by Stellar Repair for Video software and then select Repair.
  • Wait patiently as the software repairs your file.
  • After the process, you can preview the repaired file or run the Advanced Repair process.
  • Click on Save Repaired Files to save the video files.
  • A popup asking for a sample video will appear if you select Advanced Repair. The video sample needs to be video recorded by the same media capture device with which you captured the damaged video. Choose Next.
  • Click Browse, then choose the necessary Sample file from the list of options. Finally, select Apply to use the sample file you’ve chosen to fix all the corrupt video files in the list by applying it to all files with the same format.
  • After you’ve added the sample video, click the Repair button. A dialog window titled Repair process completed displays after the process. Click OK.
  • Click Save Repaired Files. A dialog box appears with options to save repaired files at the source or a different location if you want to save the file somewhere else.
  1. Use VLC Media Player

To fix a corrupted MP4, the VLC video player offers an automated repair procedure. But it only repairs AVI-formatted videos that are damaged or corrupt.

Format conversion will first be necessary, but the VLC player also has this feature. Let’s now see how to repair corrupted videos using this software.

  • Download the VLC media player and install it (if you download the portable version, it doesn’t need installation.) 
  • Open VLC, then select Preferences from the Tools drop-down menu (You can also access the Preferences option by hitting Ctrl + P.)
  • Navigate to Input / Codecs section. In the damaged or incomplete AVI file menu, choose Always fix. Click Save after.
  • Select Media. Choose Convert / Save and then Add the damaged MP4 file. After adding, click on Convert/Save.
  • Click Start after selecting the correct encapsulation (AVI) and specifying a location for your video in the profile menu.

How to avoid MP4 file corruption?

It would be best if you learned how to prevent such problems in the future now that you know how to fix and repair corrupted MP4 files. Here are several methods for preventing MP4 file corruption:

  • Never make modifications to a video file without first making a backup.
  • Ensure the computer or laptop is always functioning at its best and has a reliable electrical connection and supply.
  • Maintain OS updates and keep antivirus software updated.
  • You should always keep a backup on USB, DVDs, CDs, cloud storage, etc. So, if the hard disk were to become corrupted by accident, you would have several choices for recovering your video file.

Keep your videos safe!

The best way to keep your files secure and safe is to make a backup, but there is a probability that you will lose those backup files as well.

What should you do then? Use Stellar Repair for Video instead. It can repair files from the majority of media capture devices.

These include cameras and other media capture equipment made by Sony®, Canon®, Nikon®, FujiFilm®, GoPro®, etc. The software can also successfully fix and restore videos captured by CCTV, iPhone®, dashcam, and Android mobile phones. You won’t need to run a VLC media player since Stellar Repair for Video will fix the issue. 

You can even repair the files on your phone. All you need to do is to transfer them to your PC and then run the software, and boom, you get your MP4 files repaired.

FAQ: MP4 Repair Tool

  • How many files can I repair with Stellar Repair for Video?

There is no limitation on how many files you can repair with the software. You can also queue an unlimited amount of MP4 files or videos to be repaired simultaneously. You will need to purchase a subscription that ranges from $49.99 per year for the standard edition to $69.99 per year for the Premium edition, which has more features.

  • What devices is Stellar Repair for Video compatible?

The software repairs videos captured by Android phones, iPhones, iPad, and other surveillance and CCTV cameras. Transfer the corrupt video files to the computer with Stellar Repair for Video, repair the files using the software, and fix corrupt videos.

  • Where would my repaired files be saved?

You can choose your desired location to save your files. Moreover, you can connect external storage to your PC and transfer the repaired files.

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