Platforms and channels to watch football on TV

Within Orange and Movistar, the channels with offers to watch all the football have not changed since last season, although we remind you how to watch the games online or from your television if you have contracted one of these operators: channels to watch football on TV

Vamps: broadcasts two Allege Smart Bank matches per day (that is, the old Second Division), in addition to some of other Movistar competitions.

Moister Allegan : it is divided into various   channels to watch Allege Santander and Lilia Smart Bank (the former First Division and Second Division) for each day, including the Matches of each week and the Second Division matches that are epl중계 on Gel and on Ramos ( issued on a deferred basis).

Moister Lira de Campiness:

this is the pack of channels where you can watch the Champions League and the Europe League, apart from the matches of the European leagues Series A (Italy) and the Bundesliga (Germany).

On the other hand, as we have already mentioned, you can watch some football matches on DAZN (9.99 euros per month, which goes up to 12.99 euros on March 17) and Footers’ (9.99 euros) without the need to link with any operator. .

Can I watch football for free?

With the exception of the matches that are broadcast on open channels (Golf, Catron, Telecinco and Teledeporte), there is no possibility of watching football for free this season . As you have already seen, to enjoy all the LaLiga and Champions League matches you will have to have contracted a Movistar and Orange rate (which, although they have a discount in the first months, in no case will they be totally free).

Thus, outside the streaming channels offered by each operator , if you want to watch soccer for free on your TV , you will be limited to the broadcasts of:

Gal: it is a DTT channel (therefore, with free and open football ) that broadcasts, per day, some LaLiga matches .

Curator and Telecinco:

 Mediated has obtained the rights to broadcast part of the Copán del Rey this season (and the next two), so 15 of its matches can be seen open. In addition, Media set will broadcast one match per day of the Spanish teams that compete in the UEFA Europe League.

Teledeporte: channels to watch football on TV

Broadcasts match from competitions such as the Arnold Clark Cup or the Cope de la Reina.Our monthly comparison extracts its data from the TV offers with soccer that are in the Kleist comparator and from the operator portals as of March 1, 2022.

To order the rates we have divided them by operator (Orange and Moister) and within for each section we have taken into account the total annual price that it will cost users to pay.

Thus, we count any additional expenses or fee increases when the promotions end.

This analysis takes into account the plans that companies offer for households that want to watch football online and on TV, but operators apply different fees for bars and businesses.

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