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Graphics Design App!

Graphic design tools have come a long way. In recent times, they have become ever popular and vital amongst designers, online content creators, graphic designers, and online business owners. With that popularity, there is always a new product popping out every other week.

Sadly, not every new product matches up to the title of the next big thing that can take design to new heights. It’s even harder to find a quality graphic design option that can help newbies and non-designers meet their graphic design needs.

For design pros, there is a huge range of software options they can utilize to create mind-blowing works of art effortlessly. Unfortunately for newbies, it can be too costly and time consuming to master the minimum skills needed to use some of these softwares. Until now…

Enter RelayThat!

RelayThat lives up to every promise as an app designed to offer graphic design solutions to newbies, non-designers, and business owners alike.

This automated app makes the process of designing graphics as effortless as it can be. Whether you are a design pro or newbie, it doesn’t really matter. This rapid graphics design app has quickly risen to become one of the most reliable and most popular tools for instant graphics solutions. For content creators, newbies, non-designers, and online business owners with little or no design background, this is a dream come true.

While it shares a few notable similarities with other commonly used graphic design tools, RelayThat always still manages to have an edge on its competitors.

One standout feature every user will enjoy is its ability to generate quality batch graphics for multiple major social media platforms with a single click.

That means you are able to make countless images with a single click to different size variations to fit your various projects and channels. Forget outsourcing, everything starts and ends with you.

Below are some more top features that make this app a must have in your content creation workshop.

Who Is RelayThat Best Suited For?

RelayThat is for anyone who could use a timesaving, rapid graphics app for their content. After using this app for the first time, you instantly realize it was made for a very specific group of people in mind. From design novices, social media influencers and online business owners, the app is a fit for anyone with little to zero design history in mind, this is the app for them.

If you think you fit this group and are not already utilizing this app’s powers, you are already missing out. RelayThat packs some great features that separates it from hundreds of other graphic options out there.

Here’s a quick look at some of RelayThat’s best features.

Easy to Use Graphic App

With all its quality, RelayThat is surprisingly easy to use, which is a welcome feature for any app. Thanks in most part to a host of various features that are unique to the app, you will enjoy creating professional-looking graphics in a single click.

Even better, you can easily change fonts and images to varying sizes and adjustments from the app’s original core layout. With just a few clicks giving way to stunning graphics, this is the best app for making hundreds of professional-looking variations for blog and all major social media design recommendations and size specifications.

Over 3 Million Images

When it comes to design, images are obviously on top of the list for any project. One notable feature that makes RelayThat popular with users is its huge catalog of quality images to choose from. Unlike similar design apps in the market offering the same service, RelayThat focuses more on quality than quantity. Not to say that quality is not a feature on this revolutionary app.

RelayThat hosts over 3 million stock images in multiple niches to choose from.

The designers at RelayThat do the hard work to provide new images, icons, and urban designs constantly to make it easy for the user and fit different projects with relative ease.

To access the right images and icons for your project, simply type what you need through a quick search button and choose the best fit. This is the kind of freedom and top quality that you will not find from other apps.

Multiple Fonts + Custom Options

Any design expert will be quick to let you know that fonts are the founding pillars of text imaging and graphics design.

As such, the choice of font characters that suit different projects is enough to let you like this app. This is a rare feature in many apps. Unsurprisingly, it is readily available with RelayThat.

For an upcoming designer, you can enjoy accessing a huge variety of classy fonts for any niche. More importantly, the app allows you to upload your custom fonts and seamlessly integrate them into your projects. Some good advice, save yourself some time looking for this feature in other design apps.

So, whether you adore a font you just designed, or you want to import a lovely font from a different source, upload it and you are good to go!

Professional Font Pairing

Working with quality fonts is no doubt great, but having professionally paired fonts is a great feature to have. The right font combination will take your graphics project to a new level. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a newbie, you will find this feature both as a welcome time-saver and a unique design feature to have at your disposal.

Thanks to RelayThat designers’ efforts, you’re able to enjoy awesome and professionally paired fonts for any project you might be working on. Just like its other key features, this design option also ensures that all your projects in the app are guaranteed to produce great results.

The best for last…the Magic Import Tool

As you might have guessed from that title, the magic import tool is one of the trademark features this graphics app has to offer. A standout selling point in the app’s already capable arsenal of features, the magic import tool has single-handedly changed the design game for some time to come. This rare feature allows you to effortlessly import colors, photos and logos from any website URL for use in your projects. With such ability, this feature saves you a great deal of time that you would otherwise spend searching, downloading, renaming, and importing images from other sources.

Any user of RelayThat can boast of the magic import tool being an invaluable time-saver.

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In a world of unlimited content and little time, RelayThat is a must-have software and an ultimate design creator for brands. With its multiple options, RelayThat readily presents businesses and brands with endless design ideas they would not come by. Even better, you need not spend too much money, time or effort.

RelayThat has high ratings on AppSumo, a popular premium daily deals website that is also a destination for digitally distributed goods and online services.

With all the powerful features at your fingertips, RelayThat is the perfect tool to give your brand some exceptional designs for every occasion.

Review Rating 9/10: Highly Recommended