Popular Social Network Apps Ruling The Z Generation

The Internet has tremendously evolved human life upside down. Social Network Apps– Not only are communications revolutionized, but they also happened to be the most preferred medium of everyday communication.

From surfing something online to buying it or uploading the information and downloading it over the electronic leviathan making each one of us commentators, publishers, and creators. 

Similarly, a significant constituent of the Internet is social media. It has been a part of several human lives sharing thoughts, emotions, experiences, and more ways to alleviate human interaction.

Many digital marketers have positioned themselves by capitalizing on the trends by the most common social media platforms.

The survival of human life in these modern times is being social, interactive, and engaging with one another and the work culture. 

Social media applications and networking sites aid people in forming better relationships in society.

Apart from that, the constant engagement of the people on social media platforms funnels the channel generating positive opinions and interaction. 

Popular Social Network Apps Ruling The Z Generation

We are entirely aware that the technology advances with new platforms each year, and as with each year, there will be a throat-cutting competition to make it to the top famous social network apps.

This article will help you complete a list of the top social media applications that have reached users globally. 

Telegram | Social Network Apps

Released in 2013, this social media application is free with cloud-based instant messaging and offers end-to-end encrypted video calls. It is also famously known as the top social apps for secret texting.

The Telegram application has immensely grown its user base by providing privacy-driven policies. This feature of Telegram has made it stand out among the other social media applications in the market.

The application has gained its reputation by connecting users instantly.

For instance, Telegram enables businesses and small brands to form chatbots on the platform respectively or can seamlessly broadcast the messages on the channel to reach out to several subscribers at once. 

Some fantastic set of features of Telegram are – 

  • Free platform without any ads 
  • Turning off the notifications and locking particular conversations 
  • Cloud-based storage 
  • Smoothly add users in the group without any limit. 

Meet Up 

This app came live in 2004 by Scott Heiferman, one of the co-founders of Meet Up. The application provides a service to organize the online group sessions in -person and virtually for people with similar interests.

It is also known to be the second-best social application on the list-making big in 2021.

The app runs on the idea – when more than two people work or participate in similar activities, we are most likely to do our best. MeetUp is one of the most used social media platforms, even though users are ready to shell out a few bucks.

Have a look at some of the fantastic set of features – 

  • The choice to explore as many groups and events as per the interest. 
  • Save and schedule the events one is interested in attending. 
  • Open discussions and messaging. 
  • Personalize and list down the events. 


Reddit is a social feed aggregator platform founded in 2005, containing links to images, videos, and text posts. Users can also organize the posts into user boards known as the communities or subreddits, covering up almost a variety of topics like science, news, movies, games, music, and more.

The application offers one of the most agreeable designs. The USP of this application is the app users. The app is free to use, comprising a community of intelligent people discussing relevant discussions, sharing pictures and videos.

Due to these reasons, Reddit has managed to secure its place in the top 10 list of most popular social network apps. 

Reddit also offers different engagement levels that are relevant and ideal for any brand promotion. Have a look at some fantastic set of the features – 

  • A discussion platform comprising 1000 relevant topics 
  • Can upvote, downvote, and comment on the posts
  • Enter the subreddit of your choice. 
  • Create and moderate your own subreddits. 


The social media application was released in 2016, offering a platform for the paywalled content. The users of this platform can use this application with different roles  – content creators and their fans.

The application is a perfect monetization model. It allows creators to earn directly by interacting with their fans every month and the pay-per-view feature.

There are more features that you might not know.

Let us have a look at them. 

  • The application allows users to tip their favorite creators on live streaming. 
  • Creators can send pay-per-view messages to individuals and fans as well.
  • Creators can also schedule their posts for the fans present worldwide. 
  • Seamlessly stream to the fans or can upload the streaming video as well. 

If you are more likely to invest in an app like OnlyFans, then the OnlyFans clone would be the perfect fit. As we say, you don’t need an expensive set of wings to fly to new heights. 


The social media applications are not restricted to interaction, and LinkedIn is one of the best examples supporting the statement. It is one of the suitable applications for professionals worldwide.

One can easily promote their brand and themselves to the users. This way, one can increase the connections by just a few taps on the screen.

Every year, LinkedIn makes it place in the top 10 popular social network apps and the best job search apps. Let us have a look at the splendid features of LinkedIn.

  • Users can create their own professional profiles. 
  • Can apply for jobs and recruit people. 
  • Upload articles and posts to reach professionals. 
  • Filter out the relevant activities of the connections easily. 


TapeReal is a highly new social network platform and is the first of its kind. Basically, the application is a subscription-based social network apps platform allowing the users to record their own unedited, unfiltered audio and videotapes seamlessly.

The TapeReal applications aim to build an application where humans come first and bond with one another by being themselves. TapeReal offers a safe, knowledgeable, and inspiring community where every user can be heard. 

Let us have a look at the robust features of the application – 

  • Users can record, among others, by audio or video calling. 
  • You can also create vlogs and audio logs by recording on your own. 
  • Quit the waiting time and upload files with real-time recording. 
  • Rich engagement and active community. 


This may be the last but not at all least application – Instagram. Instagram has been the famous and most common social media platform engrossed with millions of users worldwide.

Instagram has maintained its position as a sensational application because of having a new development to increase user engagement. The application enables the users to share a vast range of content such as videos, photos, stories, and more. 

Instagram has been a perfect platform for emerging entrepreneurs to promote their brand and create a business profile providing rich analytics of the user’s profile, posts, and engagement on the content.

The application is worth every effort; therefore, have a look at the features of the app of this generation. 

  • Users can smoothly share photos and other creative content with others. 
  • By clicking a few taps, one can start live streaming within the app. 
  • Direct message the users privately or create group chats as well. 
  • In the explore tab, users can discover videos, photos, and stories. 

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