10 Benefits of Having the Amazon App in Your Smartphone

Benefits Having Amazon App

The Amazon app has become a top shopping tool for smartphone users across the globe. With over 300 million active users, the app provides easy access to Amazon’s vast online selection of products and services. The Amazon app is a popular online shopping platform that offers millions of products and services to customers around the … Read more


customer obsessed

The word “obsession” is usually used in a negative way, thanks to the unending list of movies and TV shows about obsessive personalities who either want to kill or kidnap. But when the same word is used for businesses and their customers, it becomes positive. We have Amazon to thank for first introducing the idea … Read more

Amazon Prime and Basic Amazon Streaming Services


Amazon prime service offers a membership program via Amazon Website or App which is now a days considered one of the best streaming service around the Globe. Via this membership program, members can shop on low and almost zero prices. Most Importantly amazon Prime has some additional features as well as compared to Netflix or … Read more

Your Guide to Understanding Amazon MAP Pricing and How to Enforce It

Amazon MAP Pricing

The eCommerce giants like Amazon are full of competition, with several merchants selling the same product. Competition is good for consumers because it forces companies to compete for sales. When companies compete for sales, prices naturally fall. High competition like these makes it difficult for brands to monitor their product pricing. That is why policies … Read more