1. It’s convenient. The most obvious benefit of permanent makeup is that you won’t have to carefully put over your makeup each day. For that reason, it’s a great choice for older women, busy women, athletes and anyone else who’s tired of spending precious minutes in front of the mirror.
  2. It will save much of your you time. Every second counts, especially when you’re rushing to get to work every morning.
  3. It would not wipe off. With Permanent makeup Los Angeles, you won’t ever have to worry about smudging or smearing off.
  4. It can be tailored to your preferences. Permanent makeup comes up in a variety of colors, thicknesses, and styles, so you can carefully choose the right look for your requirements.
  5. It can enhance your confidence. If you’re self-conscious about your breast scars or areola re-pigmentation, Permanent makeup Los Angeles can change your entire outlook.


  1. It’s permanent. If you like to change your make over every few weeks, permanent makeup is not for you. You will have this tattoo for the rest of your life, so you must be absolutely certain that you would always love it. It should be of classic style, and not a trendy fad. It should be carefully chosen, not selected spur-of-the-moment. And finally, it should be worn by an attentive professional who will reckon that the look you want is the look you get.
  2. It possess safety concerns. Like all tattoos, Permanent makeup Los Angeles can cause allergic reactions or infections, but the threat is very small. Here we use sterilized, one time use equipment to minimize the risk of infection.
  3. It is painful. Since we are talking about tattoos, it should be obvious that the process can hurt a bit. We provide anesthetics to aid with the comfort of the procedure, both before and during.
  4. It is expensive. Of course this will count on the procedure you choose and the size of the area, but Permanent makeup Los Angeles surely isn’t as cheap as drugstore makeup.
  5. If you add up all the money you spend on specific cosmetics, however, you might find it comparable in the longer run.
  6. It can fade away with time. Years from now, you may have to deal with faded eyeliner or a repeat painful process to darken the line.

Few key benefits of permanent make up:

  • Boosts up your confidence
  • Accentuate your eyes with a waterproof eyeliner.
  • Frame your face up with natural-looking eyebrows.
  • Determine your lips, and add fullness and color.
  • Enhance lip color that blends in with your skin and hair tones.
  • Give permanent balance to the facial features.
  • Freedom and convenience from regular makeup application.
  • Help those who are physically incapable or having issues applying their makeup.
  • Aiding people who have allergies to conventional makeup.
  • Disguising flaws and scars on the face.
  • Rectification of asymmetrical facial features.
  • Great for nurses and employees who are not permitted to wear makeup in sterile environments.
  • Allow people who now can take part in sports and say good bye to smudging, fading, and streaky make over.
  • No need spending your precious time applying makeup. Time is such a commodity in today’s market place.
  • Forbids eye irritation which can occur when you accidentally touch your eye while applying eyeliner.
  • Say goodbye to getting flaky eyeliner on their contacts.

Instruction manual for aftercare and avoiding color loss for your Permanent Makeup procedure.

Proper aftercare is 50% of the process for  beauteous Permanent Makeup. The skin is full of holes and debarring color loss is the objective for the next 7-14 days. While results and experiences will vary when it comes to make up aftercare products, all of them are planned to help heal your tattoo while opening dryness and peeling, as well as to provide direct relief from itching.

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