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Happiness quotes are a way to elevate your spirit and change your chemistry. When you feel bad, life can seem bleak. This trio of dating can change the way you approach your day.

You are much more than what you see right now. You have much more to give and many more things to live for. Your spirit is greater than any fraction of your life than you see when you look at your present. Try this. Close your eyes and float on your những câu nói hay. Look down at your house, then go higher. Despise your city, then your state, then your country. Look from an astronaut’s point of view and look down at the entire planet. Imagine for a moment everything brighter, everything lighter, everything moving in its rhythm and beauty. See the whole. Know that you are much more than you could perceive, yet.

Be in that knowledge. You are more, you have more, you are more and your capacity is only a fraction full. Accept that you are great, within your reach, in your heart, in your love, in your life. As your consciousness shifts to happiness, each being benefits, even those you don’t know personally. Your smile will touch one that then touches another, and you choose the emotions, thoughts and concepts that you share. Take it to a higher level.

As human beings, we are on this planet for a short time. If you are not happy, stop and consider why you should be happy. Stop and write down 10 things you are literally grateful for. I remember one of my teachers saying “well, you were in a car accident today? Right? Great! Be thankful for that.” So take it to the minimum level and look at everything in your life so you can really feel good. You can walk? Can you smile? You can breathe? Some people have problems with all of those things. Stop and tell what is working.

Remember that you have something to say about your thoughts. You may think that your thoughts have something to say about you, but in fact, you can and do change your thoughts. We think over 60,000 thoughts a day, and some people think mostly negative thoughts. For today, focus on a kind thought or a thought that creates a sense of peace. Here are some thoughts you may think: I am doing the best I can with what I have and what I know. I am blessed because I have more to live and more to give. I appreciate this moment, because it exists.

These thoughts may seem too easy. Everything may seem too trite. I contend that happiness is not really that far out of your reach. You can enter right now. Being in that space of feeling peace, happiness and warmth towards all beings on the planet. Try it. Then “pretend until you get it.” Good luck!

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