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Tips from Marketers To Increase Visibility On Instagram

Instagram helps drive more traffic, get leads, and have a higher engagement rate than other platforms. More than a billion users. Marketers are focussing on Instagram both in B2B and B2C. 66% of Marketers planned to extend their network on Instagram. 57% of B2B marketers are available on Instagram.


People can use the new feature on Instagram to post their videos for one hour.  To set the channel, download the IGTV app and connect it with your account. At present, you cannot record video by using the IGTV app. If you want to see IGTV, start using it by clicking the logo. You can use IGTV for jobs, presentations, vlog, and conferences.

Jump into Instagram stories

Highlights help to keep your stories to stay forever, not for 24 hours after they are published. If you create a Highlight, you have to create a story. Tap into the “New” plus icon then select cover and stories in the highlight that helps for lead generation.Story polls help people to send a direct message to gain more information and use the stories to “swipe up” to the landing page. By using Highlights, it can create a good high-quality story.

Optimize hashtags

Hashtags are more powerful on Instagram. Use a maximum of 30 hashtags per post and get the highest engagement. Optimize 3-4 hashtags to gain more exposure. Choose the ideal hashtags for your posts and save your hashtag sets in a file that helps to select the best suitable hashtags while creating a new post. In addition to hashtags,you can buy Instagram impressions to become popular in a short span of time as it gets more followers for your account as well.

Write Captions

The Instagram platform is powerful to use images. Captions on Instagram have a personal feel like speaking directly with the account.

Switch between accounts

Select the gear icon from your profile, and you can see the ‘Add Account’ icon at the bottom and enter your username and password. Using the Instagram interface, you can view the logo which displays on the bottom. By clicking the account name, choose your account with the help of the drop-down menu

Add call to action

Use call to action to post interesting things to get better results for your business, helping to drive people. By using Instagram, you can build a relationship with the people,comment with other account posts. Post Comments from various Instagram accounts for admiring people. With the help of your followers, get comments for your post. You can follow the interesting accounts to follow around you to get more exposure.