Top 5 All-Time Best Antivirus For Your Computer

Top 5 All-Time Best Antivirus For Your Computer

I think you don’t need me to remind you that your PC antivirus is the knight in shining armor that guards and protects your computer against cybercrimes. But, unfortunately, cybercrimes are growing every day, and that raises the need for good antivirus software. In this article, I will suggest some of the best antiviruses that you can install to safeguard your PC.

Cybercrimes And Malware

Cybercriminals infect your computer with Malware to damage your device or steal or delete valuable data. Your valuable data may be used against you, or the criminals may use that useful information to earn money.

Malware, ransomware, and trojans are viruses that damage your system or delete your data. For example, ghost push, a virus appearing like a social media ghost mascot, infects Android OS. The purpose of these viruses is to do enough damage to your computer or other devices that it takes a good amount of money to fix.

Don’t let all this virus and cybercrime talk scare you. And you don’t have to stop using computers either. You just need good antivirus software, that’s all. And this is very fortunate that the world’s most expert antivirus software provides enough protection to your computer to stand against these viruses. 

Top 5 Antiviruses For Your Computer

The most effective antiviruses come as paid software that you can buy or have a yearly subscription to. But there are free antiviruses as well, but they are not much effective. So I will always recommend that you use a paid software. Below are the best antiviruses for you to choose from.  


Norton, McAfee, AVG are sure some big Antiviruses that your Instagram followers may suggest. But the new world suggests otherwise; Bitdefender is now the world’s best Antivirus. You can use the software on Windows, Mac, and IOS-based devices. Moreover, it comes at a very reasonable price.

Bitdefender provides excellent core malware protection at a very affordable price; Just a single purchase covers ten devices. In addition, the Antivirus offers your PC safe pay banking protection. The password manager saves a lot of effort, and Bitdefender also provides a good quality VPN. 

There is a bundle of security tools that come with the Bitdefender antivirus that you will love. And the price is not that much (Rs 2500) once you do proper calculation and comparison with other software. So you can go for it.

Norton Antivirus

The Antivirus supports Mac, Windows, and IOS-based devices. Norton comes, most significantly, with an intelligent firewall, PC maintenance feature, online storage, and bundled backup tools. The best laptop in India uses Norton Antivirus.

The intelligent firewall that Norton creates is good for monitoring your system. Norton also provides very meticulous browser protection to secure your online safety. The browsing protection works on Google Chrome browser and any other browser.

Friendly tip, if you are struggling to find out where you left off browsing, use Google ChromeContinue.

Norton provides extra that other software doesn’t. For example, it gives you 2 GB of online backup storage that is very easy to use and proves helpful often. There are also some additional PC maintenance tools packed within Norton.

There are different versions of Norton. The starting price of the Antivirus is around Rs 1000.

The higher versions of Norton provide some extra features along with more online backup storage. For example, Norton 360 comes with 50 GB backup storage.


Kaspersky does not come with as many features as the other antiviruses. But Kaspersky qualifies as the best when it is about fulfilling the areas of its expertise. The security essentials are very well-maintained in Kaspersky.

The core antivirus functionalities of Kaspersky are very capable. Kaspersky works well against ransomware, instantly kills even unknown threats. Some independent test labs have reported that Kaspersky performs at atop notch level against almost every knows n and unknown threat where other software finds it hard to compete.

Trend Micro Antivirus

Trend Micro defines effectiveness with simplicity. The software is very simple to use with a very user-friendly interface. In addition, the most famous independent test labs have stated that the Antivirus has a very remarkable antivirus engine. 

The Antivirus has very efficient pay guard banking protection and high-quality URL blocking, and ransomware monitoring system. Moreover, trend Micro is very affordable, priced only around Rs 1500.

Avira Antivirus

We know Avira for its free version of Antivirus. But the premium version of Avira is noticeably effective. Avira Pro package offers real-time malware scanning and dedicated protection against ransomware and multiple privacy tools. 


All five antiviruses here are very effective against Malware, ransomware, and cyber thefts and attacks. My suggestion is Bitdefender if you want a whole lot of features at an affordable price. Or you can use Kaspersky. If you want to use a free antivirus, then I will suggest Avira. But there is one common thing about all these antiviruses, that all of them satisfy the user.

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