Online reputation management refers to the tactics and approaches focused on creating and maintaining a strong and positive reputation of a brand in the online space. A positive online presence is indispensable to countering any negative concerns related to your brand, revamping your style, communicating effectively with your customers, and marketing your business. The past few years have witnessed businesses create waves in terms of content and customer response strategies. Even though we have witnessed some superb reputation management moves, this does not curb the possibility of more creative and effective trends in the coming year. 

From digital agencies, business reputation management companies to in house marketing teams, every business working towards a respectable online representation has to depend on and come up with innovative ways to communicate with their audience. Listed below are some of the trends that can help you ace your ORM and make the audience take notice of your brand. 

Improved Video Content

Content marketing is an integral part of online reputation management no matter what platform you use. Videos have taken over all other forms of content marketing currently. Be it small clips or long videos, all information is being  Videos are shared through mobile phones, giving rise to the possibility of making any video content trend globally. 2020 is likely to have more refined video content marketing such as 3D videos, longer videos and personalised videos that are tailored to the specific needs of the consumers. The consumer is likely to have an emotional connect with the kind of content coming up this year. 

Company Reviews

Any customer tends to check the online reviews of the services by the brand before finalising their purchase. This proves how vital online reviews are for online reputation management. Brands are more likely to focus on both customer and employee generated reviews for platforms such as Glassdoor. This also helps in garnering a safe and positive working environment for the employees.

Online Reputation Management Tools 

Online reputation management (ORM) tools are solely responsible for the magnanimous change witnessed in this field in the past couple of years. These tools have made it easier, convenient and faster to track your online status and standing among the customers. They possess AI driven features that allow the users to make smart searches. They also help narrow down negative comments and views and revert with positive reviews for the same. Every well established reputation management agency ensures that their ORM tools are up to date and used to their full extent for effective results.

Online reputation management has become inclusive to digital marketing agencies. RepIndia, a Delhi based digital marketing agency is one of the best when it comes to ORM and has outdone itself in this particular aspect of online marketing. The plethora of awards bagged by the firm stands as a testimony to their excellent performance.

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