Two Devices Perfect for Office Use

The AIT-XO Orthopedic Table is an outstanding product that has been designed to meet all the demands placed on it by its users. The AIT is ideal for those people who have to sit in wheelchairs for most of their day. Ophthalmic patients require special care and this must be taken into consideration when dealing with these products. Devices Perfect for Office Use- It also gives comfort to the patient.

The AIT tables are manufactured to meet the requirements and they are made with high quality powder coated steel and polycarbonate lenses that make them highly durable. It comes with a one-year limited warranty, so you are sure that it is durable and long lasting. The AIT has four wheels for easy mobility and it comes with adjustable legs that are made from high quality material.

The AIT-XO Orthopedic Table is designed to be extremely useful and comes with various features such as rollers for ease of movement, a comfort-grip surface, convenient storage space for medications and cleaning supplies as well. It has been manufactured to be very easy to carry due to its conveniently shaped handles and it comes with two drawer storage areas for easy accessibility. It has been designed to fit any standard wheelchair. You can mount it on your wall or place it on the floor and it have side rails for safety. It can accommodate two stethoscopes at the same time, conveniently allowing you to change lenses easily.

The AIT comes with three different frame materials that it is available in. The frame material range includes aluminum, which has a soft feel and a good finish and stainless steel that have a hard feel and an elegant finish. They also manufacture other types of ophthalmic instrument tables like the AIT-XLS Deluxe. The AIT Deluxe ophthalmic table is constructed from a high-quality range of alloy aluminum and also has a comfortable ergonomic design, making it one of the best medical tables in the market today.

Devices Perfect for Office Use

There are also other great products like the AIT-EPS, which is one of the lightest and most portable ophthalmic instrument tables in the market today. The EPS comes in a folding frame design which makes it easy to carry around and even easier to assemble. It is made from high quality alloy aluminum and is equipped with four wheels that make it easy to move around. This product also has a strong fold-up lid that can withstand tough use and even reversibility. It is available in a lightweight design that can easily fit into a suitcase. It is perfect for people who have limited mobility and are used to working in close quarters.

The next product on the list is the AIT-HC, which is equipped with a full body cast that allows complete vision from every angle. It has been designed to be lightweight, durable, and versatile and is equipped with an ergonomic design that makes it a practical choice for all kinds of medical jobs. And, it is also available in different sizes and comes in three different colors – light green/ grey, blue/grey and dark green/black. Actually, it weighs two pounds and is about two feet long, five inches wide, and about four feet tall. It is just right for those working in various jobs involving the eyes and have a very stable base.

Devices Perfect for Office Use

The last product on the list is the AIT-HC Hydrofoam. This ophthalmic instrument table is also lightweight and features a thick foam for maximum structural integrity and rigidity. It has an easy to assemble, full body cast, powder-coated steel construction, heavy duty wheels, and includes a low-profile four-wheel articulation with a built-in rubber pad. It is one inch thick overall, but has the ability to expand to five inches in either direction when needed.

These are the best two devices available for use with all types of refractive and contact lenses. They are great solutions for all kinds of office jobs and will also benefit those who perform other duties in the office while still being able to use their refractive and contact lenses easily. Devices Perfect for Office Use– These are excellent office solutions and are ideal for both long- and short-term use.

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