The quality of a website can be defined in different ways. When thinking about quality website design, obviously appearance is a primary factor. Men and women are more attracted to visually appealing website designs. However, there are other factors that must be considered when analyzing the quality of a website.

Some of the most important factors include ease of use and navigation, design, business logic, engineering, compatibility, and the degree of search engine compatibility of the website. While many companies believe that return on investment is also a factor that defines the quality of the website, it is based more on external factors, including other marketing efforts and the price of the goods and/or services provided. Get more information about this topic.

1. Ease of use and navigation is extremely important. A quality website should take a visitor on a tour, starting with explaining/demonstrating the product or service, then offering more information about it, displaying more images, data … and then leading to the purchase of the product or contacting the website owner for more information, appointment, … A good design makes a website easy to navigate. The way that the website takes its visitors through the complete path from the first visit to the purchase of a product or service, learning about the company or simply obtaining the contact details of that company, is very essential. . Elements that contribute to a website’s overall usability include professionalism, clean page layouts, readable content, clear navigation, and easy-to-understand instructions.

2. The design of any website is very important. Today it takes 3-6 seconds for a website to grab the viewer’s attention before they decide to move on. The website should be attractive but also informative. First, you need to have enough images/graphics to tell the viewer immediately what this website is about and communicate it clearly. Second, you must have enough valuable content so that if the visitor decides to read, they can get enough information on this website without having to go elsewhere. Good quality website design strikes the right balance between “entertainment” and “informational content.”

The following characteristics of a quality website are related to its engineering and technology.

3. Business logic is another vital defining quality. The website design and code must work properly between the two. What sets a quality website apart is its efficiency, so future updates and additions, including logic, database integrations, and visual components, are easy to accomplish.

4. Solid website engineering starts with the necessary planning on how exactly the website will be built and how all the moving parts and features will fit together to create a perfect website design. Therefore, a proper website design architecture is required to accommodate all website needs to ensure flexibility, structural stability, security, and meet all short-term and long-term performance demands. Very often customers tend to say “Let’s have these pages for now and later we can move them somewhere or add more pages …” It is very difficult and sometimes frustrating to redo the structure of the website. It is easy to move a submenu page, say “cream” from the “pharmacy” category to the “beauty products” category. But it could be difficult to change the structure or logic of the website entirely. It is a good idea to draw a simple map of the website first by asking the customer to determine the main blocks of the website or the main menu options that they would like to have.

5. Compatibility. Another modern need for a website is that it should work for all computer operating systems, such as Windows and Apple, and commonly used web browsers, including Internet Explorer (with different versions), Mozilla, Safari, and Google Chrome. Now, with the growing popularity and technological innovations of smartphones, mobile website design is just as important. The design of an efficient website, no matter what it looks like, should communicate directly with the visitor of the brand and help to achieve all the objectives and goals set by the website.

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