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Role of box design in the packaging industry

by Jack Leo

It is often said that design is the intelligence that is made visible. It means the design is the game of mind and a difference in the design of every value box gives a wide diversity to the packaging industry. The design of the Custom packaging boxes not only is important to give an impressive look to the product but also from a sale point of view. There is a wide range of designs available for the packaging of the boxes and each design has its own identity and importance.

Different kinds of packaging box designs:

When manufacturers make a box, they keep in mind the particular thing for which they are making it. And sometimes it is mentioned on the box as to what must be put in it. Boxes have now become specified for different products.

  1. Tuck boxes:

Such boxes have a flap on them that is divided into either two parts from both right and left sides or only one flap are called tuck boxes. These boxes are the best containers for small items like sweets, baubles, and other small items. They stay dry and fresh In tuck boxes. Tuck boxes are either made of cardboard material or Kraft material. They are easy to carry and are eco-friendly.

  • Pillow boxes:

Pillow boxes have a shape like that of head pillows. They are in use for keeping the products like clothes and softer materials. Their design is ravishing and imprints coolness on the onlookers.

  • Window boxes:

Such kinds of boxes are used when a little display of the product is to be given. These boxes are best for formal occasions. Any piece of clothing like a dress shirt etc. when placed in window boxes, some picture frames when put into window box leave a mark on the receivers. These boxes are best for gifting.

  • Drawer boxes:

Mostly the brands of man and woman accessories use drawer boxes. They give a worth-watching display to the things. They are easy to handle actually and you can just place them as décor on the dressing tables also. Their sliding nature makes them unique and innovative.

  • Eyelash Boxes

Eyelash packaging, or simply lash packaging, is the name given to boxes that are used for packaging fake eyelashes. Creative lash packaging designs are used to attract potential customers. Custom lash packaging allows you to differentiate your brand from other brands in the cosmetic market, offering similar products. That is because custom eyelash packaging boxes are designed to ensure maximum appeal to attract more customers.

  • Tube boxes:

These boxes are specific for things that have a length and need to be in a standing position like perfumes, cigars, decorative rods, tube lights, etc.

They retain the shape and quality of the products and can also be used as gift boxes.

  • Folding boxes with magnets:

The rigid stock when shaped in its best form and inserted with a magnet for easy opening and closing, results are mind-blowing. Clothing brands have started using these boxes for their clothes. Such boxes give a look of royalty to the product especially when you have to gift it to someone.

Final word:

So, the design of boxes is crucial to the nature of the products inside and has many uses not only just of looks but also for safety and protection of the inside material. These designs have raised the bar for the custom packaging boxes industry.

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